Sight and Sound Top Ten Films

Every 10 years since 1952, Sight and Sound magazine has carried out a poll of film critics worldwide and asked them to list their 10 favourite films. The results for the 2002 poll were as follows:

  1. Citizen Kane
  2. Vertigo
  3. La Règle du Jeu
  4. *The Godfather/The Godfather Part II
  5. Tokyo Story
  6. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. Sunrise
    Battleship Potemkin ( tied)
  8. 8 1/2
  9. Singin’ in the Rain

Citizen Kanep has topped the poll for the 5th consecutive time. The value of such polls over those voted for by the general public, in my view, is that they encourage a longer-term view, rather than simply voting for the last film you saw ( though the Sight and Sound poll did receive a few votes for Miss Congeniality and one for a British Airways advert.

For the second time, a poll af film critics was also carried out. The results here were:

  1. Citizen Kane
  2. The Godfather/The Godfather Part II
    • 8 1/2*
  3. Lawrence of Arabia
  4. Dr Strangelove
  5. Bicycle Thieves
    Raging Bull
    Vertigo ( tied)
  6. Rashomon
    La Règle du Jeu
    Seven Samurai

I was especially pleased to see Raging Bull make it onto the list.
Full stories and all the individual top tens can be found in the Sep 2002 edition of Sight and Sound

I must be an idiot.

Which one is the poll of film critics? It looks like you said both are polls of film critics.

The first list is the critics, the seconds is a separate poll of film directors. Here’s the link for the individual polls. Naturally, I’ll be tabulating beyond the Top 10 so give me a moment to do some number crunching.

I’ll be back…

Yes. sorry about that. ArchiveGuy is correct.