Why does TSD message board have a profile field for signatures when they aren’t automatic, you have to choose to use yours, and most people don’t use them?

Most boards I have been on just auto use a sig, because otherwise it is more trouble than it is worth to have to choose it every time you post, so it would make more sense to just eliminate that option altogether?:smack:

I think the general consensus is that signatures add clutter, instead of contributing to the discussion. It’s part of the effort to fight ignorance.

I, for one, absolutely refuse to waste space with a signature.

The obvious answer is that we’re not most boards, for better or worse.

The way to use signatures that I’ve seen recommended here (I think it was mentioned in another thread just recently) is this: In any given thread, you’re welcome to include your sig in your first post in that thread, but it is preferred that you not use your sig in any more of your posts in the same thread. As mentioned just above, it’s viewed as clutter here. I don’t know if there’s a formal rule about it.

As has been said, it’s clutter. I’m glad, myself. I have no problem with sigs used once by a poster in a thread, but it gets a little tiresome to see them every time the poster has something to say.

Just for fun, this will be one of the occasions that I use my sig…

And then there’s the Tapatalk issue - if I post from a computer, my sig doesn’t show up, but if I post from my iPhone on Tapatalk, it always inserts the sig - I’ve not found a way to turn it off on Tapatalk.

well, I guess for funzies we can post out sigs here even if we don’t usually do it otherwise :slight_smile:
I tend to think sigs are a great way to get incite into a poster peronsality and helps identify them in an instant, because we don’t have avatars. However, as I pointed out in another thread, the excessive signatures common on some other boards with moving gifs, flashing text, and 8 lines or more is pretty excessive and obnoxious so I am glad we don’t have those here!

Can’t tell if intentionally ironic…

Because the option is there automatically. It’s part of the software we use.

Marley, are you saying there’s not a setting to completely disable them board-wide?

I generally prefer to incite personality with my post. I’m not sure what peronsality is. :wink:

First of, yeah pretty much what everyone else said.

Thirdly if you’d like to see avatars here is a way how.

I did it, at home, and it works great and was easy-peasy to install in Chrome.

I rarely if ever use my sig, and when I do, it’s usually something I picked a long time ago and haven’t updated recently.

ETA: Case in point. Before this, I think it was “Sometimes you have to roll the hard six” for about 4 years.


Ahhhh snap! :smack:

Well you failed to mention the added ADWARE and popups which just clogged up my browser and desktop. That was so uncool. I just spent 5 minutes:mad: uninstalling that crap.

The SDMB Avatars script has no adware or popups. Not sure what you wandered into but the userscript is a one click installation and it consists of nothing more than a text file with a few lines of text which you can just copy and paste directly to your browser if you wish without even using the web installer. Out of some 500 people using the script there have been no reports of problems. If you would like some help with the script please feel free to post in that thread with the details.

Ok I went to the link provided in the thread
and did it correctly this time. Man, I don’t know what the fudge I clicked the first time but I was upset! Thanks :slight_smile: