Here is my mild rant…

Is there any ruling to sig lengths?
I tried to search, but didn’t really come up with anything.
It just seems like sigs are ungodly long at times.

3 or 4 quotes…
Entire sections of poetry…

I dunno I just don’t get it.
I can understand (kinda, but not really) posting it once per thread, but at times it happens over and over again.

Unless there is a way to do this automatically, people put a conscience effort into adding them on.

Does anyone really read these after seeing them for 46549458945739475 times? yeah yeah, newbies haven’t read them. They just seem awfully gratuitous at times.

If you feel some dire urge to quote Bozo the Clown, Sigmund Freud, Socrates, Janet Reno and Jesus, MUST you do it all at once???
Change it up a bit already; They aren’t fucking etched in stone! Hell, the change may actually catch someone’s eye.

Granted, some are cute or funny. Those usually are the short ones.
The obnoxious ones read like those Hallmark rejects or gloppy e-mails that end up with: foward this to 10 friends blah blah blah.
and yeah yeah, I know you clowns … you’re all gonna post long ass sigs in reply. well, I beat you to it. :wink:

my new sig rocks!

my impression of some sigs around here:

Well, if it makes you feel better, I try to keep my sig short and change it on a regular basis.

I like my sig. It’s been with me for years. I won’t change it, I won’t change my posting style, I won’t limit how many times it’s in a thread.

Fuck you, fuck you for even thinking that your opinion will change anybody’s ways of posting either.

Oh, one more thing…

I’m gonna keep signing my name after every post, even if it’s <GasP> in the same thread several times.

Sam (Whose still not fucking changing his posting style for the second fucking time this very day!

The general guidelines we moderators like to see are:

[li]No more than three or four lines. Brevity is the soul of wit.[/li][li]Only once per page (despite GaWd’s proclamation).[/li][li]If your sig is regularly longer than your posts, you should either put more meat in your posts or fewer characters in your sig. Plus you’re surely going to Hell.[/li][/ul]

Even though using sub or superscript will make the sig LOOK smaller, it really takes up just as much room. We have written to people privately and asked them to reduce their sigs when it’s gotten really out of hand. Every now and then TubaDiva will put up an announcement, asking people to please be considerate with sig use.

We haven’t set any rules about sigs in stone yet, but if sig abuse keeps on, we might have to.

For the Straight Dope

[Sally Struthers voice]
It happens in cities and in the country.
It happens to the rich and the poor.
It happens across all lines of gender, ethnicity, religion, shoe size. . .
It could be happening right now on this board.

Won’t you please give?
With your help, we can stamp out the scourge of
Sig Abuse
[/Sally Struthers voice]


Seems like a sore subject.
It doesn’t matter what you think of my opinion.
Do tell, why exactly do you feel compulsed to add your sig every god damn time?
Not to pick on you specifically, I have seen much worse. What makes you think anyone gives a shit about what your sig has to say, OVER and OVER again?

about long ass sigs in general:
Do you feel a need to remind us again and again how witty you are?

People with 287540324 quotes: WHY?? why not just stick it in your profile? or make a web page with 7498249862958735873 quotes. If it’s that important for us to read your quotes, we’ll go there, ok? or is it that you know NO ONE will go there and this is your little way of saying, much like a mealy mouthed child throwing a fit: “ME ME ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!”

People with long ass quotes and a link to your site:
that’s what the little house icon is for. USE IT to keep your sig down.

Bad News Baboon, the Janet Reno quotation in your sig is a myth.

Not that I’m a big Reno fan, just fightin’ the ol’ ign’ance.

Despite Lynn’s “sig guidelines” I’ve never seen them, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of them(although I was away for a time and this has surely been discussed). If it’s set in stone, let me know and I’ll stop entering my sig.

Ape boy, It’s a sore subject cause I will post the way I want to, and I could surely give less than a shit about you or anyone else who has a problem with people’s posting styles. If the Admins have rules that I don’t know about, I will be informed by Lynn or another admin and I won’t do it again. If not, I’ll continue to post as per normal.

My sig is short anyways, and definitely shorter than my posts.


:cool:[sup]No sigs for me[/sup]

Check Lynn’s post again. She specifically said “The general guidelines we moderators like to see are.”

BNB, the last quote in your sig is actually from the Book of Psalms (OT). Note also friedo’s post. So here’s a new campaign for you - accuracy in sig quotes. Get to it. :slight_smile:

But Jesus said it too– Right after “Have you not read your scriptures?” :slight_smile:

I think this is all a figment of your fevered imaginations.

Billy “I don’t believe in the existence of sigs” Rubin

Hey, Heres the thread a started about this exact subject in the Pit a few months back. You may want to try the search function Baboon.

Actually, the Mods did post this as an announcement in each forum a few weeks/months ago. Been dozing off have we? :wink:

woo-hoo! Reminds me that I have a sig. And that I should work up the guts to put it back to my old favorite sig.

My sig is an extension of me. Its not there for you plebes. When I bother to add it, that is.

I think its still that Destiny’s Child song. But I’m changing it back to being a quote from Green Day.

and just for you all:

Ummmm…for the most part, there is. In your profile, you enter your sig(nature). Regardless of how long it is, you only have to type it once (unless of course you wish to change it). Then, when you post, you click the little box next to “Show Signature

But, then again…

The only thing that bugs me about sigs is when they’re inappropriate for a thread. If I’m sympathizing with a Doper over the loss of someone dear, I’m not going to post my sig if it says, “And it’s the pelvic thrust/That really drives you insa-a-a-ane.” I can’t remember any specific incidents, but I’m sure there are some. Please, people, take into account the subject matter of the thread before clicking the “Show Signature” box.