Silent Death Lurks For Pleasure Boaters

Something important boaters need to know.

Outdoor poisoning from carbon monoxide exhaust called hidden danger.

I don’t have any comment to make here, other than that I really really enjoyed this thread title. There’s something so Smokey-the-Bearish about the juxtaposition of those words.

I’m sorry a child died unnecessarily, but as an avid boater I’ve got to say this was a stupid accident that, IMHO, was entirely the parents’ fault. An 11 year old kid with no life jacket is allowed to body surf by hanging on the ski platform at the back of the boat. No way my kids would ever be allowed to do that.

Of course the family is suing, despite the fact that they probably violated several laws and certainly ignored common sense safety concerns.

It appears that they are suing the boat manufacturers to include more warnings about the dangers of CO, which makes sense. Would it have prevented this accident? Who knows. Judging by the lack of a lifejacket and the blatant disregard for safety that represents, I wonder if a “WARNING : Carbon Monoxide Danger” sticker on the swim deck of the boar would have made a difference.

Seeking monetary damages for something that definitely ranks in the category of ones own stupidity is rather asinine though. It is a shame more judges don’t just toss those kinds of cases.

Coast Guard alerting boaters to dangers of carbon monoxide