Silken Tofu - questions and advice, please

OK, so I want to make some dips and dressings with tofu (to cut down on the fat and add some protein). These won’t be straight tofu, I just want to substitute for part of the mayo / cream cheese / sour cream / etc. This is experimental - I haven’t tried it, but tofu is so good at picking up flavors, I think it should work.

First question - soft tofu vs silken tofu. Explain, please! I’ve seen some websites that say they’re the same and some that say they’re different, that I need silken tofu if I want it to blend. The guy at the asian market said ‘they’re the same thing’ and then went on to say ‘this is the kind they call silken’. I’m confused!

Second question - longevity. The shelf-stable package of “silken” tofu says you have to use it within two days of opening. Really?!!? That’s going to make it very difficult to, say, make a week’s worth of snacks. IYE, is this really a requirement or are they just being uber-crazy-careful, as manufacturers are prone to do?

Third question - freezing. If it’s only good two days, what about freezing? The package says not to freeze in the package, so I’m guessing I can freeze it in a different container. Does freezing adversely affect the taste or texture or blendability?

Any other advice, recipes, etc., would be welcome! Thanks.

As far as freezing goes, I know that firm tofu takes on a different texture when you freeze it then thaw it. A lot of people actually recommend freezing before using, because it ends up “meatier”. I’ve also used tofu up to a week after opening, and it hasn’t killed me yet. IME, it will keep visibly fresh in the fridge for quite a long time, though I haven’t tested it after a week, just in case.

I’ve used silken and soft tofu interchangeabley, so I’m not sure if there is a true difference, of if it’s just labeling. There is also a brand called Silken, which makes firm tofu as well, I’ve bought that by mistake.

I use it mostly in smoothies instead of yogurt, and it works great. I’ve actually used firmer tofus for the same purpose, and they blend pretty well, but don’t end up as smooth, so silken vs. soft probably won’t make or break your recipes, even if there really is a difference between the two.

OK, so I probably won’t kill myself with it, that’s good to know. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll just have to try and see how it goes.

Thanks much for the info!