Silly calorie savings

Bought some chicken stock to make potato soup. College Inn sells two kinds, regular and light. Light has half the calories of regular. Regular has ten calories per serving. I burned the difference asking, “WTF?”

Any examples you can think of?

“Light” has twice as much water. Check out the “light” fruit juices, you’ll find the same thing.

Hmph. When we were kids, we were overjoyed when Double Broth day came around!

I came here from the Rageguy FUUUUUU thread and my only comment is the OP would make a great cartoon example of that.

The light is usually more for sodium savings than calorie ones. As posted earlier, it has twice as much water. Unfortunately, most commercially available broth has beaucoup mg sodium :(.

I thought you were going to ask for silly things you do that you mentally fool yourself into thinking saves calories. Like when I eat a big greasy slice of pepperoni pizza I blot the oil off the top. There! It’s practially health food now!

I’ve got one- I was making tacos and got some Old El Paso refried beans to go with them. I saw the regular and the “fat free” versions and thought to myself "How the hell much fat could refried beans have?

.5 per 1/2 cup. Whoa. Better get the fat free, that sounds like a heart attack on a plate!!

I think “authentic” refried beans are actually loaded with fat, aren’t they? I think that’s probably what makes people grab the “fat free” without thinking.

I see College Inn on the label, but my mind always thinks Collagen.

Kayaker: A couple of weeks ago I was watching a Food Network show that talked about collagen in soup. There was talk about using bones in soup, collagen as a gelling agent, and the nutrition in collagen.

During an ad break, the College Inn commercial played. I wasn’t paying attention at first and I thought the show has started. I looked up and saw the end of the College Inn commercial. This conjunction made me wonder if the pun was intentional. Now, I think about it every time the commercial plays.

Also, I wonder if there is collagen in College Inn broth.

That sounds like things that advertise as “Fat Free!”, like jellybeans. Yeah, you’re fat-free, good for you; too bad it’s the SUGAR we’re worried about. I spend so much time reading labels at Safeway these days (we’re trying to eat both healthy and low sodium - low sodium is the hard one to fit in).

Twice as much as zero?

A stick of suger-free gum is only 5 calories compared to 10 for a regular stick

Thought of another one - those silly little 100 calorie chocolate bars (for full price). I get a 100 calorie serving of chocolate from eating - a few pieces at a time.

I love seeing lots of non-animal products proudly claiming how their 100% cholesterol free.

Yeah, well cholesterol only comes from animals, so…good for you for not adding any just to fuck with us?

And ditto on the “100% Fat Free!” on stuff that should be free of fat anyway.

Fat free water is a rip off! I’d like mine with fat please.

Or like when things like bread say no high fructose corn syrup? I should hope not!

I actually appreciate that kind of thing. HFCS has managed to sneak into everything at the store. You can’t buy bread, soup, salad dressing, or any other packaged food without HFCS unless you check very carefully.

I’m glad that cigarettes are now trans-fat free. Low carb too.

You would hope not, but HFCS is in tons of bread and bread products, so I like it when they say that right up front. Saves me time scanning labels for stuff that shouldn’t be in bread.

I’ve seen orange juice and jello labeled as “fat free!”, like these are things that ever had fat.

I’ve also seen meats, most notably bacon, advertised as “low carb!”