Silly Minecraft question: Is it round?

I once spent about a month trying to make a three lane, water level road around a world that was open to the sky. I set it on “peaceful” so I wouldn’t be bothered with being killed. Now that I think about it, it may have been over a month, on and off. After dismantling my gazillionth mountain, I gave up.

Was I on a fool’s errand? Is Minecraft round or endless? Is there a Trueman’s Show type wall or a the void like at the bottom?

It’s a big, big flat world. The last estimate I had heard was that Minecraftia generally has a surface area around the size of Uranus or Nepune, but it’s all flat.

It’s “endless”, I guess. The world itself is flat. At the “edges” of the map, the terrain generation gets funky.

On a related note, I’d love a TNT-like block that only exploded in one direction. It would make tunneling between bases and such so much easier, even if the resources required were rather high.

So the road would have never met itself. Has anyone ever gotten to the end? Is there another void?

Endless, just constant generation of new terrain. Much older versions of the game had a place that became known as the “farlands” which was not so much an intentional end but a programming bug with the procedural generation that caused really bizarre terrain generation.

To give some idea of how far out you had to go to even get there, Youtuber KurtJMac has a series called “Far Lands or Bust” where he’s doing essentially a charity walkathon where he sets up donations to Child’s Play charity and has just been walking in one direction. The series has been going on for something like 5 years now (not upgrading to newer game versions to make sure the Farlands are still there), and he’s maybe 1/4 of the way there, I think? Far enough that he’s actually seeing graphics jitter due to internal calculations, but still many years from actually reaching the end.

Ah! Thanks for that link. I wonder how long it would take to build a road from end to funky end. Make sure to put a bed near the start point so you can do the other side without having to walk back for months. Also, don’t fall into lava or off a cliff while building because it would be a long walk back from your bed.

ETA: dzeuger’s post snuck in. I like people answering my questions before I even ask them!

Riding a powered rail alone takes something like 35 days. The materials alone, even if packed into iron and gold blocks, would require over 3000 double chests. Yeah, it’s a hike.

Someone should use a map editor to make such a rail, and then set up a livestream of the journey.

The ZipKrowd actually did that a while back

No idea if the link to the world download in the description works anymore, nor do I have any desire to download a 200-gig Minecraft world

This guy’s working on it.

[on preview]: Or, what dzeiger said. :smack:

Seems some one made a mod to change minecraft to have a torus world (simpler to implement than a sphere). Using this mod you could make a river that connects back to itself.

Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t already a torus, even if only accidentally from variables wrapping on overflow.