Silly questions not worthy of GQ.

*Can you make a candle out of earwax?

When does the afternoon become the evening?

Why do they call it taking a dump when really you’re leaving it?

Why aren’t there glass bottom aeroplanes?*

  1. Well there was that episode of “Father Ted”, where the whole house was full of messy candles made out of Father Jack’s earwax.

  2. When you want it to be time to go to the pub

  3. Pass

  4. Well, you could make one. Small one. Then work up to a big one that can fly and have people in it.

What’s in its pocketses?

Since when is silliness preclude a question from being asked in GQ? Au contraire, some of the best questions have been entirely silly such as pan-fried semen or my own trout-slapping thread.

  1. Plausible but it probably won’t be as effective as normal wax. And it would take A LITTLE while to produce the stuff (should it be coming from only one person). Give it a shot and let us know the outcome.

  2. Probably 6PM 12PM-Noon 6PM-Evening 12AM-Midnight 6AM-Morning

  3. I’d assume it originated from someone a long time ago who didn’t know English well and had the meanings backwards, and then with much use it just spread like any other slang. A lot of slang doesn’t make any sense.

  4. I always wondered this myself. They have windows on the sides so why can’t they have them on the bottom? I can understand that should they have a solid glass bottom plane it would probably crack after many landings, because it if were very thick you wouldn’t have a nice view. Therefore, it would have to be thin. It would be nice just to have a few windows to look down from. Another solution would be to make the windows’ width slimmer and a taller window that wraps itself somewhat enabling you to see the ground better. Seems they are stuck on the “box” window design. But I really don’t know much around the reasons for a planes engineering.