Silly things your co-workers do.

What kind of weird things do your coworkers do? I called my boss on our two-way radio cellphones, and he asked me if I had my phone with me. The only way I could have called him with the cellphone radio feature and had my name pop up on it was to have my phone with me. Ergo- Silly. Another person I work with does not clean his clothes, his office, or his body too often and wears glasses that don’t even fit his head, even though the company he works for pays for glasses gratis! He also lives with his ex-wife, fights with her all the time, and owns a separate house which he will not live in. Oh, and sometimes he reeks! Anybody else have a weird boss?

Our new supervisor likes Pokemon.

My last supervisor was into pro wrestling and kept a life size standee of Stone Cold Steve Austin in his office.

My Boss is a Limey, which means whenever there is a Cricket World Championship going on somewhere (which is 3 to 4 times a year, it seems), he keeps talking on and on about this horrific game, trying to explain all the rules to me and my other Dutch colleague. The other guys (Indian [dots] and Sri Lankese (?) ) love cricket too.

Silly enough for me :wink:

BTW, my boss is a great guy otherwise - it’s just the cricket that gets to me.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

My co-worker Judy is a certifiable crackpot, and she’s only like 19 or something so you can’t contribute it to senility or anything. She’s always going on about how we need to be prepared for Y2K and astrology and various assorted urban legends she wholeheartedly believes. She even sent me one of those chain letters that claim you’ll get a million dollars if you send it and you’ll die if you don’t. She sent it without any return address but I know it’s her because she hand-addressed it and sent it to me in my maiden name. No one I currently know in this area knows my maiden name and the reason I know it’s her is because I gave her a store coupon I didn’t want that had that name and address on it when I signed up for promos at that store like 4 years ago. The writing is obviously hers because it’s in that emergency-alarmist ALL CAPS PRINTING she always uses. What’s the big secret? Why didn’t she just take it to work and hand it to me? (Probably because she knows I’d clock her if she did.) She’s dumb as a post and can’t process anything you tell her because I’m sure her head is overflowing with crap like remembering to not buy any Proctor & Gamble because the $$ goes to the devil, etc. etc. She is very TIRESOME to work with.

“There’s a snake in my boot!”

When I was a security guard at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, in Downey, CA, for 8 years, I was what I think was my fair quota of people with maybe 44 cards in their decks. :o :smiley:
One of these was a man with a doctorate; when I worked the graveyard shift, and thus on weekday mornings would sign people in, I would ask to see this man’s office ID–an agency regulation requires it–and he would thrust it forward, almost touching my nose!
One very arrogant woman, who is black, seems to have been determined à la John Cleese to be a pain in the gluteus maximus! When Nixon died, one of the other workers told her when she came in; the arrongant woman sniffed, “Well, he’s your president.” (I had trouble with her going into rooms where she didn’t belong and turning the lights on–until her own supervisor caught her at it and bawled her out.)

I have a coworker who seems compelled to flush the urinal repeatedly while he’s using it. I wonder if that’s as weird as I think it is.

I don’t want to make people think like me, I want them to think like me of their own free will.


if you want to surprise your boss about cricket, tell him:

  • the selectors are still biased towards the Home Counties

  • we haven’t had a decent captain since Mike Brearley

  • English wickets are too biased towards seamers

(Actually I can’t see the point of playing 5 DAYS in an international match, then running out of time and calling it a draw!)

Why doesn’t the sun come out at night when the light would be more useful? (Pratchett)

Glee, you’re the sort of Limey I can have a lager with :slight_smile:

Football might be a nice topic of discussion, Formula I if you’re into it. Anything but Cricket ! Oh, Rugby is fine with me too.

(Actually, I shared quite a few lagers with my boss and he IS the stereotypical Limey Drinker: outdrinks me right up to 22:45, then the Dutchie is warmed up to go all night while he is, as the French put it, “rond comme un sou” :wink: - Gotta love those Pub Closing Times.)


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)