Simple(?) Microsoft Excel Question

I’ve been doing some work on an Excel spreadsheet which was created by someone else (no longer in the company AFAIK). I’m basically trying to tidy it up a little as well as making the formatting look the same in both Excel and Open Office.

I’m only moderately familiar with Excel and quite unfamiliar with Open Office. One of the problems I’ve come across is that the sheet prints as though there is a border around all of the cells, however it is actually only printing the on screen grid lines. The tricky thing is that there are some sections that don’t have any grid lines. I know how to set it so that it will print/show all of the grid lines, and I know how to print/show no grid lines, but I’m stumped as to how to have only some sections with no grid lines.

When I open the file in Open Office the grid lines all show, so it doesn’t seem to be something that OO is compatible with.

I know that they are not merged cells, and I know that they don’t have borders coloured white.

So, how does one hide the grid on certain cells but not on others?

Some further info: Although the cells are not merged, ie. I click in a no-grid-section and the cells select individually, I selected a section of no-grid-cells and merged, then unmerged them, the grid lines reappeared. The only way I could get them to dissapear again while keeping the cells seperate was to “undo” my previous steps.

AFter selecting the cells you want, go to the menu option “Format > Cells…” If you click on the Border tab, you can manually adjust the borders around cells to look however you want. You can make them all look like gridlines, too. When you print the sheet, these formatted cells will print this way…you should not select the option to print gridlines.

You can do like MaceMan says. If you want to just do the whole sheet at once, click on the little square at the top-left hand corner above cell A1. That will select all cells. Format as you wish.

Yeah, I know I can do it this way. But this is not how the original author formatted it, he/she has parts of the sheet which have no grid lines at all. I’m interested to know how they did it.

If you want no gridlines visible, even selecting the borders icon and choosing “no borders” will still show gridlines on the monitor.

Instead, highlight the cells you want to have no gridlines, go to the “Fill Color” icon (looks like a paint can) and select white. That should eliminate the visible grid lines.

Should you want the gridlines to return, go to the “Fill Color” icon and select “No Fill”. (This is the top bar above all the color choices).

wolf_meister, you have it, this is what they have done, thank you.

All right !!! And you are quite welcome 1920’s Style “Death Ray”.