simple uses for a couple egg whites?

I’d like to make some tempura sometime this week, and given that recipe I’ll be using only uses egg yolks, I have a couple of egg whites I need to do something with. What, besides meringue which no one here likes, can you do with 2 egg whites?

Make an omelet.

An egg-white omelet comes to mind.

I seem to recall angel-food cake recipes/mixes calling for extra egg whites plus a whole egg or two.

Thought of another one: use them as a wash, maybe with a little water or milk, on top of baked goods (apply before baking). Add sesame seeds, oats, poppy seeds, etc. as desired.

If nothing else, you could freeze them. Spritz 1-2 compartments in an ice-cube tray w/Pam, then drop one egg white into each compartment (or both into one, if you wish, depending on how big the eggs were). Freeze, then transfer to freezer bags. Remove air & keep frozen for up to six months. This gives you time to come up with other uses for the egg whites.

Love, Phil