Simplifications you've made

What simplifying changes have you made to your routines? Three that come to mind are:

-I only have one kind of sock. No more sorting!
-I stopped using fabric softener, and never looked back.
-I only have two credit cards.

(That last one took years to get to, as I used to have a lot of credit card debt that had to be shuffled around multiple accounts to keep the rates down. Now that the debt is discharged, it’s so much easier to pay just two cards per month.)

I have only two types of socks, but only one pair of each. The rest of the package is put away. If a sock develops a hole, I replace that one sock. I don’t need a drawer bulging with all of them at once.

I did the sock thing years ago – black Gold Toe brand. I hate fabric softener (and I hate the residual smell in the washer from when my husband uses it on his clothes). I have one credit card and one debit card.

Neener, neener. :stuck_out_tongue:

My bedding, aside from a pillow, consists of three items: a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet, and a comforter (in a duvet cover, which could count as a 4th item, except the two behave as one). My bed has a footboard, and I tuck the top sheet and comforter into the footboard, so they don’t move around. It makes making the bed in the morning extremely quick and easy.

I don’t fold my underwear, which is all the same brand and size, I stack them unfolded, and just take the one off the top every day.

I have a lot of good quality clothes-hooks in my closet. The clothes I wear most of the time are on those hooks rather than hangers (except for non-knit shirts). I hang one or two trousers there, from one of the belt loops so they don’t get out of shape. I don’t wear dressy clothes hardly ever.

I don’t iron. I bought several seersucker shirts because not only do I not have to iron them, they shouldn’t be ironed. In the climate where I live, they are warm enough to wear most of the year.

I don’t think of these as simplifying, but rather labor-saving, because I am devoutly lazy. At least about some things.

I have simplified my wardrobe to:

Summer: Jeans and a polo.
Winter: Jeans, shirt and sweatshirt.
All Season Shoes: Sneakers.
All Season Socks: White or grey. Ah, diversity!

I can beat ya there; I wear the exact same thing all year round.

You win!

Do you do laundry every other day? That seems less efficient than having seven pairs of socks in a drawer.

One of my efficiencies is to keep a pair of pruners near the front door, and one by the back. That way, no matter which garden bed I’m near, I can do some tidying/deadheading.

I have lots of different socks but I don’t bother wearing matching pairs. As long as they are similar in feel, e.g., no ankle sports socks with thick winter socks, I’ll wear whatever.

Let me guess, you’re in your mid fifties?

I eat the exact same thing for dinner Monday through Friday. I cook it up on the weekend and dish it out evenly into five identical storage containers and stack them in the fridge.

It doesn’t even vary much from week to week.


My Wife and I are similar. I’ll make a big pot of something on Sat or Sun and it lasts us for dinner for a week. I love eating this way.

I also wear the same thing every day. Blue jeans, tee-shirt and a fleece pull over year round. And some sort of lightweight hiking boot.

That actually got simpler with working from home. I don’t need to rotate through different fleece tops from day to day. Since I wear a tee-shirt underneath, it’s more like a light jacket, I’ll wear it for a week or so before switching to a different one.

Wearing scrubs at home makes things simpler for me.

You guys want to simplify, and you’re still wearing clothes? Amateurs.

Cuts down on heating costs, otherwise I wouldn’t bother. In hot weather, neither the Mrs. nor I bother.

I’ve become that lady who wears “house dresses” whenever possible, because they’re way easier than clothes, so sort of? I like to keep my curtains wide open during daylight hours, so along with protecting my furniture, I’m protecting my neighbors by remaining covered.

I became one of those old guys who wears Dickies workwear all week and buzzes off what’s left of my hair with the gauged trimmers, and searched the memories from my youth for a time that vanity had served me but found nothing.

I would not have guessed that based on your username.


Well said. I guess it is a benefit of getting older. You just don’t sweat the unimportant crap.

Slightly north of mid seventies and loving life.

When I was going into the office every day pre-pandemic, I had at least 10 identical white dress shirts. Took a while to find the right size and style, but once I did, started ordering in bulk.

Of course, now I have three identical pairs of sweat pants, and a drawer full of identical t-shirts. Since I don’t fit into anything else, work is just going to have to deal with my new style if they make me go back.