Simpsons 1/3: "Thursdays With Abie"

2010 opens with a solid episode. Grampa’s insane ramblings are always funny, so it was interesting to see a plot which allowed them to take center stage. I wasn’t expecting the direction the plot took- it’s interesting to see someone other than Sideshow Bob try to murder a member of the Simpson family, but the attempt allowed for both humor and bonding from Homer and Grampa. I wasn’t big on the Larry the Lamb subplot at first, but once it took to the sewers, there was some amusing action and dialogue (such as the ever-incompetent Chief Wiggum telling Lisa he’ll call the sewer police before saying she’s old enough to know they don’t exist).

Yeah, I was very surprised when my DVR caught a new Simpsons tonight! * Cool episode. Bart is in tons of trouble unless Marge can fix Larry with her sewing machine, though. Loved Homer’s brain computer–was it a Mac or Windows? Bet it’s Windows Vista.

  • My DVR did cut off half of Better off Ted on Friday, though. Stupid football.

I like it when every so often they show Lisa acting like an 8 year old instead of an 18 year old.

Mac. The screensaver was one of the Windows defaults, but the interface was Mac.

It looked like Marge fixed Larry by the end of the episode. He was laying on the arm of Abe’s chair while Homer was telling his story.

I loved the celebrities getting off the train to stretch their legs. Frankenstein’s monster (Karloff in costume, presumably) came out walking stiff-legged and then lit a cigarette, in counterpoint to the character’s aversion to fire.

“I’m probably the most famous Abraham in history.”

I love that a show that hits 20 years next week can still make me laugh out loud.

My dad is interesting? Has the whole world turned upside down? Maybe Cathy is funny!

(reads comic strip)


it could have been windows 3.1?

Not a great episode, but pretty good. My favorite jokes were Abe’s “they’ve recreated the '30s!” comment and the gun in the pillow. To be honest I didn’t think these were the best Grampa rambles - that probably goes to “It was the style at the time!” but they were pretty amusing. Homer’s might have been the best and I was disappointed it ended instead of continuing through the credits. I wondered if it was improvised.

Incidentally I know someone who briefly worked alongside Mitch Albom. Despite the whole “Tuesdays with Morrie” learning experience, he’s apparently a jerk.

When I lived near Detroit, I always heard plenty of stories to this effect.

I thought this was one of their better episodes in a while. Nothing too laugh out loud funny, but very amusing.

Nelson: They would see a dark side of me no one has ever seen
Lisa: I’m a freakin’ Buddhist!
Mr. Burns: Release…a hound.

It is funny how quickly he establishes that Cathy still isn’t funny. It takes an instant glance at the comic. And his face when he says, “nope”…completely expressionless. Man, I love the Simpsons.

Nelson loved a little lamb…little lamb…little lamb…Nelson loved a little lamb…it kept him nice and sane…

I didn’t like the episode, but one part that made me laugh was that Hank Azaria was slated to play the reporter who wanted to kill Grandpa in the inevitable movie of the week.

Azaria played Albom in Tuesday With Morrie and voices Apu, Moe, et. al.

And I believe he also voiced the reporter who was interviewing Abe, which adds an extra level to the joke. (Reminds me of the TV-movie about Fat Tony starring Joe Mantegna.)

I’ll never forget how apeshit he went on his radio show over Arnold deciding to run for governator. I was like, dude, we live in Michigan, this won’t even affect you… Then I turned the radio off.

Nope. It was definitely some sort of early Apple/Mac OS based on how it looked. Also, he was throwing stuff into a trashcan, wasn’t he? Windows has never had a trashcan. They have a “recycle bin” true, but even that didn’t come along until Win95.

BAH! It hit 20 a few weeks ago, no matter when Fox declares the “official” anniversary! Simpsons on a Roasting Fire WAS the first ep, why it’s even right there on the first season DVD. HAH! Take THAT, Rupert Murdoch! :D:eek::cool: