Simpsons 11/9: "Dangerous Curves"

KABF19 Written by Billy Kimball & Ian Maxtone-Graham

Episodes about Homer and Marge’s relationship are usually entertaining, and this one is no exception. The idea of having two seperate, but related, flashbacks is rather unique. (The flashbacks, of course, mess up the already-established continuity of the show, but it’s been on so long that we have to accept that the Simpsons never age.) I liked the fact that Homer actually thought Flanders was clever when he first met him, and Bart and Lisa acting like a married couple was funny (and believable, if you think about it- they’ve spent their entire lives together). What was the ending a parody of?

Among the other couples with their names carved in the tree: PB + J, Good + Plenty, XY + XX, Disco Stu + Disco, 1 + 1 = 2, SBC + AT&T.

“Mom, you said all hitchhikers were drug-crazed thrillseekers.”
“I said they were thrill-crazed drug-seekers. Don’t put words in my mouth.”

“And you were bicycling two abreast?”
“I wish- we were bicycling to a lake.”
“Wordplay. Never cared for it.”

“A log cabin? What am I, Davy Crockett? Also, who’s Davy Crockett?”

“I never thought I’d say this, but…stupid Flanders.”

“I came here once with Marge. Are you Marge, Sylvia?”

“I know parts of our marriage are based on lies, but so are a lot of good things: religion, American history…”

Not really a good episode. You’ve listed all that was funny about it, and the rest was very mundane and routine.

A throwaway that I enjoyed – Lisa and Maggie sleeping with their heads together, spiky hair meshing like gears.

For some reason it reminded me of Mad Men-- the funky art deco mansion, driving in a blue car with the woman wearing a head scarf, the multiple flashbacks. Maybe I’m just experiencing Mad Men withdrawal and I’m imagining the similarities.

Well yet another flashback ep. If I kept track of everything since the original ‘the way we was’ episode set in 1976 I’d have a file as big as Patty and Selma’s. I liked their file. For some reason, seeing Homer driving a neon green (five years ago) VW beetle *bugged *me :b. Was that Maggie Roswell returning as Maude Flanders? The bit with Bart and Lisa arguing was cute. And they were funny in the flashback bit with grandpa (who looked the same age as always).

Flanders, “Lock onto his weiner.” That line made me laugh pretty hard.

I thought the concept of the two times in the past was good, but the execution wasn’t so great. The ending was pretty lame, particularly with the log. It was nice to see the resurrection of Maude, even though it was in the past.

Homer wasn’t driving the Beetle- Sylvia was after she had boozed Homer up considerably.

I liked it. The flashback to 2003 - when Homer and Marge were noticably younger and the kids were toddlers - was really weird, but I liked it.

What was Ned’s line about a single entendre?

What was the final scene with the cars and bikes driving around the monument referencing?

“So, I’m sure you missed Marge last night.”
“Yeah. I missed her like five times.”
“What a charming single entendre.”

This was a fun and clever episode. I also thought it was neat how Bart moved the girls heads as though their hair spikes were sprockets.

Other good lines were from the guy trying to seduce Marge in the glider saying she was too classy for the party they were at and then “oh look, a bargain priced motel.”

Marge’s sisters insulting Homer - “your neck looks like a sideways ass.”

“Let me take you for a ride” . . . “or should I say glide?”

“I’m just happy you’re talking again. You didn’t say a word for 45 minutes.”

I don’t mind the flashbacks, but I am sick of the “Marge and Homer” fight theme. It’s been done to death. They’ve never done an episode about the cat, they’ve never done an episode about Karl or Lenny, or a host of other characters, yet we get episode after episode of Homer and Marge fighting or Homer gets a new job.

These writers get paid a boatload of money, they should be able to come up with better ideas. I bet people on this board could come up with better idead than the zillionth time of “Marge and Homer have a fight.”

I’m not necessarily critical of the writing or jokes as much as the theme. Why do they always do the “B” story leads into “A” story. Why not mix it up and have one story.

Why not age the kids one year?

As for this episode I didn’t like the fact Homer knew Flanders. I know it’s hard to keep continuity but Marge and Homer being picked up by Flanders and Mrs Flanders destroys WAY too much. All the episodes where Homer and Marge buy the house. Where they first meet Flanders and the whole first season where the Simpsons were just getting to know the Flanders and the kids. This switch of continuity, suggest Homer KNEW Flanders and purposely bought a house next to his. Homer and Marge would’ve know the Flanders though their pregnancy and Marge and Maude would’ve been pregnant at the same time with Todd and Bart and living next door.

I know you can’t have perfect continuity but you should minimize disruptions.

Yes, they have.

I’m not the walking Simpsons encyclopedia I was 6 or 7 years ago, but I’m pretty sure all of these characters, and many, many more have had their own episodes.

And I’m normally one for continuity but it’s so annihilated in The Simpsons that it’s best to just enjoy the show unless it’s something HUGE like Bart is trying to learn how to skateboard or Homer has his first donut (both in present-day, I mean, not flashbacks.)

Yeah, what was the deal with that scene?

That scene and the structure of the episode were a homage to the Audrey Hepburn-Albert Finney movie Two for the Road.

BTW, I did not spot the reference right away. I found out only after reading the thread on this ep at the Television Without Pity message board.

Marge: “Our marriage isn’t about words on a piece of bark, it’s about us.”

Sneaking in some interesting political commentary there, perhaps?

I laughed really hard at the “missed her like five times” line.

Thanks NDP…was thinking I was never going to find out. :slight_smile: