Simpsons Clue

Ha Ha Ha
Something I stumbled upon while surfing around.
Simpson’s Clue
I’ve seen how popular the Simpson’s are on this board, and though you all might enjoy that.
Also check out some of the other stuff they’re selling. I really laughed at the “United States Navy” and “Coca-Cola” versions of Monopoly.

I got this for xmas, but haven’t opened it yet.

I also got it for Xmas. A group of us played a couple weekends ago. It was pretty cool, I haven’t played Clue since I was a kid. I realized that you can take notes and figure more things out from other peoples interaction, even when it isnt your turn. Not that this is any landmark in logic, but I certainly didnt do this when I was playing at age 7.

I’ve never played the simpsons version, although it looks mighty cool. But when I play clue with my friends they always yell at me for writing when I’m not just looking at a reaction. They acctually have the nerve to call me a cheater. I think they are just pissed because I am the reining(sp?) champion

Funny you would mention this game. Wolverine owns it and I played it at his house the other day. I was Homer(Mr. Green). It’s a weird board, however. They have Barney’s Bowl-O-Rama but not Moe’s Tavern. They even have the fisherman’s restaurant on the board, but not the tavern. By the way, in our game it was Mr. Green, in the Springfield Retirement Castle, with the Plutonium Rod(I think). No, I did not win.

My guess is that since the game is probably labeled as “ages 6 and up” or so, they left out the tavern for the kids.

I once heard that Matt Groening once considered actually marketing a Duff beer, but finally decided against it because he didn’t want people to complain that the Simpsons was promoting kids drinking.

Yes, I own it and I’ve played it several times. One of the favorite things do is say phrases or sing songs associated with the game.

"Who needs a Quik-E-Mark?

I DOoooooo!"

“Saxamaphone. Saxamaphone”

After the novelty dies off, it just becomes Clue. Still fun though.