Simpsons editing

Fox 21 in South Carolina just played the best episode of the Simpsons ever, the one where Lisa falls in love with the substitute teacher, but they cut out the part where she plays her saxaphone. What gives? That’s the best part of the episode. I’ve also noticed that they cut out a lot of scenes that I remember seeing in the original episodes, but usually they’re not that important. Do other affiliates do that?

It’s not unusual. Cut out a minute here, a minute there, and you can run more ads.

For the first run of syndicated episodes the cuts aren’t made by the affiliates, but, by the people who send the syndicated episodes out. Yes, they are cut due to commercial reasons, some of the best jokes are cut out as well.

I think after the contract runs out, and the affiliates are able to show whatever episodes they want, in whatever order, they make addittional cuts, until finally all thats left, is an opening scene and lots of commercials.
Well, its not that bad, but thats my understanding of how the process works.


Yeah, KBHK 44 in San Francisco does it.
Doesn’t it suck when they cut out stuff from shows you have all memorized?

JMcC, San Francisco
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I literally have almost every single Simpsons on tape so I try not to worry about the cuts since most of them were taped the first time 'round.

That settles it. The First Annual SDMB Member SchmoozeFest and Beer Blast will be held at TheDoll’s place. TD, you got MST3K on tape, too?


Actually if you can believe this…yes I have MST3K. I use to hate that show, but then quickly got hooked on it. Can you believe they cancelled it again?! WTF!!! And just when I was begining to love it!

And there will be beer! I have become a beer lover in the last couple of years…mmmmm…scotch ale…

How about the one where Lisa wins the patriotic essay contest and they all go to DC to get the prize from the crooked congressman.
The congressman gets busted and George Bush is then seen signing some document and he says “Well … this should make my bosses happy”. This aired around the time of the 1992 election!
Later incarnations of this episode I have seen include that scene cut out altogether, and another version where the above line is followed by “Your bosses, sir?” “Yep - the American Taxpayer!”
It’s a shame - there’s nothing wrong with being a Hollywood leftist, but you should at least not pretend “you never said that”.

That’s a good one. I think I’ve got that one. There are so many of them!
The Simpsons is a big release for me at the end of the day. Very comforting and even better with beer in hand and mimicking Homer, “Mmmmm…beeer”.

The worst syndication cut on “The Simpsons” was in the “32 Short Films About Springfield” episode. They cut a great line from the Mexican Bee Guy, who has come home from a rough day: “Ay, donde esta mi tequila?”

Dr. J

Another cut was on the show where Lisa becomes a vegetarian. You miss Marge doing the “You can’t win friends with salad” conga line with Bart and Homer. Mmmmmmm…salad.

BTW, I have all the MST3K’s on tape as well as the Simpsons and many other shows.

All of the MSTs on tape?!? Man, I need (like a junkie) some of the first season…we need to hook up and trade…

The most annoying editing I’ve seen was during reruns of the first Hallowe’een eposode, the House segment. They cut Marge’s line “we’ve had our differences, but we’ve never had knife fights before” Why’d they cut it? It was a perfect description of MY family.

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This is a good FAQ link for most things Simpson. There’s a section on Background, Production and Broadcast.