Simpsons Episode

I’ve been looking for the ‘Stonecutters’ episode of the simpsons and i cant seem to find it for sale anywhere. Does anyone know a site where i could download it? It doesnt seem like it would be illegal since they broadcast it over the airwaves for free…(it wouldn’t be any different than recording it off tv or recording something you heard on the radio, right?) Thanks for any help.

Actually, recording off TV or radio IS technically illegal. Someone owns the rights to whichever show, song episode etc you’re taping. The broadcaster (TV or radio) or the cable company pays Liscence Fees to the producer for the rights to air the proprietary content. Any illegal or unauthorized recording, download, retransmission, rebroadcast, webcast etc would deprive the producer and/or rights-holder of the income to which they are entitled under international intellectual property law.

That said - I bet there are dozens of websites that offer Simpsons downloads. I also bet that it would take about a week on a 56K modem. Try a Simpsons fan-site.

Well, you could just wait until they broadcast the rerun again. But if you really want it, there’s a website out there called “Cletus’ Farm.” They have about half of all Simpson’s episodes; not sure if they have this one. I can’t provide the URL because the site operator is trying to keep it as hush-hush as possible, because FOX is constantly breathing down the back of any Simpson’s website operators. I’d e-mail it to you, but I’m at school now and don’t have the address off-hand. So either search for it on the web, or wait six hours.

Alas, it is indeed different, and it is illegal to download this material from someplace other than an authorized site.

This thread, accordingly, is closed.