Simpsons <Insert Date>

In order to save folks time I offer this cut-n-paste for your instant weekly Cafe Society Simpsons rant:

That was the worst episode ever.

The show has jumped the shark.

The show hasn’t been good for <number less than 10> years

I hate when they do shows with celebrity cameos, they are usually so pointless.

They should cancel the show after that episode.

They should have cancelled the show after <insert Simpsons moment>

Not a single funny moment.

Why do you people keep watching the show?
An example:

Wow, that was the worst episode ever. There was not a single funny moment. I really think the show has jumped the shark. In fact, they should have cancelled the show after they had the singing jockeys. Why do you people keep watching the show?

Not just for Simpsons. Every two-bit Comic book guy who can bang his head on the keyboard starts “Random show Jumped the shark” threads all the time. We need a perpetual Pit thread that flames anyone who starts a Jump the Shark thread.




:smiley: But I just HAD to say it…

Mommy I want my Simpsons.

Mommy this isn’t the Simpsons the way I like!

MOMMY! Take the bad Simpsons away.

Can’t people just stop whyning?
Usually I wouldn’t mind. Everybody has the right to an opinion, etc…

But every friggin’ week the same lame people post the same lame things about the show. Give it a rest already.

You don’t like it don’t watch it. If you do watch to really see if its bad, do it once, complain if you have to and then don’t watch it anymore.

I personally like the first 5 seasons more, especially the first and the second. I don’t have to go around the board every seven days to say “this is not as funny as Dead Putting Society” do I?

Just please SHUT UP!

*Originally posted by Tretiak *

This is the worst thread ever.

This thread has jumped the shark.

This thread hasn’t been good for 5 posts.

I hate when they do threads bashing people for bashing shows with celebrity cameos, they are usually so pointless.

They should cancel the thread after this post.

They should have cancelled the thread after the O.P.

Not a single funny moment.

Why do you people keep reading this thread?

Oops, that first line shouldn’t be there.

Yet these same wanna-be CBG watch every week. There is a similar thread on Survivor right now too. The sad thing is that the people who start them think they are being clever.


Not one funny moment? Its a pity you’re not a musician. If you were you would have gotten alot of jokes.

Just what we need - more musicians.

I don’t understand what the problem with the Simspons is. I think it is still funny.

Yea, really. I dunno why Twisty bothers, I mean, who ever heard of a band from Ireland?? That’s crazy!

Since this pit thread comes the day after I create my thread in CS complaining about last night’s Simpsons, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this thread is at least indirectly related to me.

FTR, I never once used “jump the shark” in any of my posts. I didn’t complain about this season of Simpsons, nor did I compare it to any other year.

My rant was specifically aimed at last night’s episode. It was horrible. It was without a doubt the worst episode I’ve seen. If you wish to interpret this to mean that every episode of the Simpsons from year 6 on has been a steady stream of downhill rolling dreck and I cannot believe I didn’t stop watching it back in the good old days and why oh why can’t they stop wasting my time every week, pack up shop, and stop creating new episodes, well, be my guest. That’s not what I said though.

Jumped the shark? What the hell does that mean??

mine post was more directed after i saw yet another thread accusing the Sorpranos of jumping the Shark. I don’t think there is a show this season that hasn;t had a jumped the shark thread, except maybe Meet the Press (and i’ll say it jumped when it went from Radio to TV!)

My intention was not necessarily aimed at Ender, but we seem to every week get someone posting about how bad the Simpssons episode that week was. Then somewhere else down the line, not Ender, in this case any one of the above themes is replayed, my favorite being they should cancel the show, because someone has determined that it isn’t as good as it once was.

Well then I guess I’ll bag my thread about how “Baby Bob” jumped the shark when they made the baby talk. It was solid gold up until then.

Yeah, but this week really WAS the worst.

I’m one of those people who actually still likes the Simpsons. Most episodes are simply the best thing to watch at that time every week.

But my god, last night’s episode was awful.

Enderw24 I don’t think anyone was calling you out personally. Rather it was for the wanna-be C.B.G.'s that show up in every Simpsons thread complaining bittterly about how the show is going downhill since season 3, that it has “jumped the shark” ect, ect. . .

The funny thing is that I enjoyed the episode in question- it was not top notch- but still had some funny moments (i.e. the three former president’s as the three stooges). But as mentioned, what do I know about taste-- I like Survivor. :wink: