Simpsons March 14- "Postcards from the Wedge"

I can’t really think of an episode in a good long while that had two distinct plots that were seperate yet connected to each other, but this one did and they were both good. Even the film at the opening- which Mrs. Krabappel herself pointed out had no real reason for being- turned out as a bit of foreshadowing by introducing the Springfield subway. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the human side of the Simpsons characters. I liked Bart being childish as he waited for the mail, and Homer and Marge arguing was very fun. The Bart plot reminds me a bit of when Homer and Marge started canoodling in public in “Natural Born Kissers” (in a good way)- in both cases, it’s not the act itself, but the possibility of getting caught that gives them the rush. I never really thought about it, but it makes sense: Bart gets the freedom to do whatever he wants he’s so always desired, but realizes that it makes it less fun. And for some reason, Homer’s dream cracked me up. (“First of all, let me assure you that this is not a dream.” “Once again, sleeping at work has saved my marriage!”)

I have just watched the first 2 minutes of this Simpsons episode, but I loved, LOVED, LOVED, the opening. I have been watching the "World of Tomorrow stuff all my life. Cool artwork! That is all, - I’ll be back after pizza.

How do they keep this show so fresh?

I loved the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, “Mouse, M.D.”

LOTS of funny lines in this episode.

“Just lie back and think of Milhouse.”
“Remember when I was abducted by groundhogs?”

I really liked this one as well. I even laughed at Itchy as Dr. House, and I’m not an I&S fan. While it’s not really believable that Bart just discovered the idea of playing his parents against each other, they used it as the basis for a very good plot that worked as a Bart story and as a Homer and Marge story. And hey, Bart finally managed to destroy the school.

You’ll notice in the letter that Krabappel mailed, Itchy & Scratchy have their own postage stamps now, too.

Homer and Marge have had big fights lots of times, but they found a new way to recast that theme this time, what with Homer being the disciplinarian and Marge being lenient. Nice touch.

I didn’t watch it fully because I thought that they had something like this before but they changed their points-of-view.

Didn’t Bart being a poor student occur with the episode where he couldn’t watch the new Itchy and Scratchy Movie? Where the future Bart in Marge’s imagination was an overweight male stripper getting bashed in the head with a beer bottle? Where Homer drifts off named Supreme Court justices with the berger, mmmm, Burger…

Perhaps I could give it a try but the older one was pretty good.

Is Marcia Wallace in poor health or something? The last few appearances of Mrs. K, her voice has just sounded kinda off, so I’m wondering. I know she’s no spring chicken but hope she’s doing okay.

That World of Tomorrow stuff was gold. Gold I tell you!

I’ve been quick to gripe these last few years, so let me state for the record that this season has been something of a Renaissance for The Simpsons. Some really entertaining episodes, and even the worst of them have had some good gags. Who would have guessed it? Kudos to them.

Can’t he just be both like the late Earl Warren?

Is there any predictable plan to when an episode may be re-broadcast? The local affiliate was having sound problems, so it was an unwatchable half hour of blip-Homer-blap-Lisa-pop-Bart-pop-pop-Bart… Bah!

Can’t you watch it on Hulu?

Yes—Kang and Kudos!

Bart is almost always a poor student. In the second or third season they did an episode where he was nearly left back in the fourth grade, and more recently they had one where he was temporarily sent back to the third grade as a punishment. But you’re right that this episode was most similar to the Itchy and Scratchy Movie one, and they had Homer and Marge on opposite sides that time.

I’ve also noticed that Marcia Wallace sounds a little different lately. I assumed it’s just because she’s gotten older - she’s 67. (Same goes for Julie Kavner, who’s 59. Her voice sounds a little different to me the last few seasons.) I hope that’s all it is and she isn’t having any health problems. Mrs. K. is probably in my top five non-OFF characters on the show.

“Just remember when you see my report card that they have a new grading system- it now goes D, B, A, C.”

You know son, a D turns into a B so easily…you just got greedy.