"Simpsons" Renewed

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Fox just renewed the program for two more seasons, which will carry it at least through May 2005 and make it the longest-running sitcom ever (with “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet” set to fall to second).

I guess they’d rather be the longest running than the best. I can’t watch it anymore.

Even at its worst, it’s still better than 98% of anything on TV.

Hopefully they’ll hire all the writers from Futurama (since they now have spare time) for the new shows. If they stick with the current writers then that plane is going to fall short of the runway.

Wow. Only ten minutes before a “Simpsons sux now” post.

Unfortunately, with the quality of television out there that’s a pretty low standard…


I thought Ozzie and Harriet had already fallen to second, as of this season.

It looks like it’s tied with Ozzie and Harriet as of the end of this season. However, since O&H was from a time when the normal season was 30 episodes or more, there are several years to go before O&H surrenders the “most episodes” crown.

14 (The Adventures Of) Ozzie And Harriet, The Simpsons (Spring 2003)
12 My Three Sons
11 MAS*H, Cheers, The Danny Thomas Show / Make Room For Daddy, Happy Days, The Jeffersons, Married … With Children
10 Murphy Brown, Frasier (Spring 2003)
9 The Beverly Hillbillies, Alice, Roseanne, Family Matters, Coach, All In The Family, Night Court, Friends (Spring 2003)

By number of episodes:
435 (The Adventures Of) Ozzie & Harriet
392 My Three Sons
336 The Danny Thomas Show / Make Room For Daddy
297 The Simpsons (Fall 2002)

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Married…with Children was on for 11 seasons?!?!?!? Holy cow. :eek: