Simpson's Spin-Off Showcase!

Let’s take a page from “The Simpson’s Spin-Off Showcase.” Which Simpson’s Character would you like to see in a spin-off and under what pretense?
How about…
Professor Frink as TV’s new “Mr. Wizard/Beakman/Bill Nye”? (animated and fictionalized, of course.)

It’s weird, but Prof. Frink was the first character I thought of when I saw the thread title. I’m thinking we could call his show “The Incredibly–Glaven!–Adventures of Professor Frink”

Mr. Burn’s Evil Stock Market Report

Abraham Simpson’s Story Hour
(That’s the plane the Wright Brothers built so that Charles Lindbergh could fly 105 feet across the Atlantic Ocean!)

“Mr. Smithers’ “Tales of An Alternate Lifestyle””

“Veggie Cooking w/Lisa Simpson”

“World Wildest Animated Police Chases hosted by Bart Simpson”

“Moe” (just “Moe”)

“French as a Second Language” with Groundskeeper Willie.

“Bonjouurrrrrrr, ye cheese-eatin’ surrender monkeys!”

Cletus & Brandine & their 26 kids, kind of a Waltons-like show. “life With Cletus”.

Dr. Nick, Medicine Man - a romanticized western drama.

Krusty - A Seinfeld-like examination of the life of our favorite clown.

Moleman Undercover - Hans Moleman is an oversexed secret agent with a penchant for trouble.

Boozen Buddies - Lenny and Carl move to another town where the only bar is a women-only club. They dress-up in women’s clothing and the hilarity ensues.

Tough call. Honestly, so many characters have lost potential in recent seasons since writers have attempted to add dimension to them, limiting them in more ways than expanding them.

Here I am thinking of Apu. When his first and only love was the Kwik-E-Mart, he was a great character, you could do almost anything with him. KwikEMart adventures wuold be a great sitcom premise. However, his marriange and octuplets has changed his character. Damnation.
So I got nothin.

We need the Adventures of Milhouse!!!

YEAH!! It’d be like SPEED II, only with a bus instead of a boat!!

The Semi-Incredible Adventures of Ralph Wiggum

Clancy Wiggum, Springfield P.D. (basically a cop show)

I LOVE the “Boozen Buddies” idea!!

That’s just damn funny!

“Haaaa- ha!! Hour With Nelson”

** The Bleeding Gums Variety Hour ** sponsered by Fabrege Eggs.

** The Terwillinger Brothers [/b[ I just love Cecil.

COPS: Springfield On Patrol. Starring Wiggum, his existing force, & a couple of new officiers. New offenders, too. Including a burglar that raids the station, a “confesser”, a pickpocket that appears as a running gag, & a “hooker with a heart of gold” that actually solves the tough cases.

The M[aggie]-Files: While posing as a human infant, Margaret of Neptune is secretly infiltrating the Unibrow Coalition, an evil Stonecutter-controlled group bent on the enslavement of man under Kang and Kodos (okay, really stupid evil aliens, like Zim :)).

YES! This ones got my vote!:smiley: