Simpsons: Winter of his Content...parodying something?

The shots and the plot of this weeks Simpsons seemed way too deliberate and familiar for it NOT to be a parody. I just don’t know what it is.

Any help?

Ah, thanks for the reminder. I meant to look this up today but forgot. I knew that the AV Club review of the episode would have the answer:

The stuff with the bullies was very obviously a riff on The Warriors.

Just what I needed!


I knew the film, any Gen-Xer had to have watched *The Warriors *on HBO a dozen or so times, but I agree as to: Why?!

Why were they parodying a 35 year old movie? Plus the parody itself was, pretty lame. The guy doing the Luther character didn’t do anything funny with it. Would have been at least kinda neat of they got the real actor, David Patrick Kelly, to do a cameo (though I get the impression that Kelly never revisits that role, not wanting to be known as a one-hit-wonder). Plus including the actual Joe Walsh song over the credits added nothing (other than to fulfill the obligatory ‘famous song cameo’ that has plagued nearly every episode of The Simpsons for like ten years now!)