Sims 2 custom content download question

I just downloaded a bunch of custom content from The Sims Resource. Now I’m trying to install it, and I’m perplexed. Everything I’ve read says to install the files to the folder MyDocuments/EAGames/Sims2/Downloads. But when I go to do that…no Downloads file exists.

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t have the game but have you tried creating the folders manually and putting the files in there? Also, I believe the My Documents folder is created for each individual user so make sure you are logged into the same username you installed the game on when attempting to install updates.

I had that problem as well. Just go to MyDocuments/EAGames/Sims2, create a new folder, and name it “downloads”. Worked for me!

ASFAIK the folder is usually created for you; maybe when you first install a download from the Sims 2 site? Try downloading something from the Sims 2 exchange (download something of mine if you want ) and running the install(double click and it starts automatically), then look to see if the folder has been created. Otherwise, do like people said and just create the folder yourself in My Documents/EA Games/the Sims 2 directory.

I’ll create the folder myself. I was going to try that but was worried that something was wrong with my game since it wasn’t there already.

Thanks everyone!