SIMS Mod or easiest way to build a computer simulation of a society with different economic stuff

I am playing with the idea of doing computer simulations of ways to tweak capitalism. I am just curious if perhaps there is a computer game that is highly modable, hackable, that you could do what I want to do.

Basically, I would like to simulate with as much detail as possible, an ordinary US capitalist town. And then I would like to start tweaking the economic models in place. For example:

Housing: Have more and more people begin sharing housing resources. Instead of say 1 kitchen per 2 adults, get it down to 1 kitchen per 5 adults. Instead of one lawn mower, washer, dryer, table saw, etc per 2 adults, get it down to one of those things per 10 adults. Imagine for example, every adult living in an intentional community with shared resources like this. Maybe it starts with 1 car per 1.5 adults, and it goes to 1 car per 3 adults.

Then I would love to be able to play with work hours per week. Stick in alternative currencies… Community gardens. Minimum wage. Healthcare… Maybe raise taxes on the highest income bracket and then give everyone universal healthcare…

Ok, now that I have started writing this up, I see there is all sorts of stuff I would love to play with.

Any suggestions for easiest ways to do any or all of this? For example:

The SIMS. I know this is modable, but could someone mod the AI to use it to really simulate an economy of a town with some of the ideas I have above?

Is there other already built (free) economic simulation engines that let you do stuff like this?

Anyone know? Anyone want to point me somewhere helpful?


I wouldn’t count on computer games like The Sims to have any sort of realistic economic system baked in. NetLogo seems to be the tool of choice for simulations in the social sciences, so that’s where I’d start looking.