Since Nov: (R) favorability stable. (D) drops

"I didn’t think the leopard would eat MY face"ism.

Why? You don’t think some Democrats can get disgusted at the Bircher-like hysterical stridency of the Democratic party?

A single poll can be an outlier, and therefore doesn’t mean much. The aggregate polling doesn’t show the story the OP wants to tell, and thus there’s really nothing to debate here.

Do you really feel like you’re the best choice for an insight into the Democrat mind? The Gallup article gives a reasonable idea why the Dems might be less happy with the party: they got creamed in the election. That’s a better guess than Dem party members think they’re being too mean to Trump.

It doesn’t look to me like Democratic polling numbers are down because Democrats aren’t being nice enough to Herr Trump.


First “Neo-McCarthyism” and now “Bircherism”. Interesting that some of the worst historical behaviors of the Republican party are now being projected onto the Democrats.

I can’t wait for Dems to be accused of Reaganism.

Well, first you would have to establish that there is indeed hysterical stridency from the Democratic party in the real world, not just in your fantasy makin’-shit-up right-wing media bubble. And second, there is no second, you would never get past first.

You see this one:


*Disgusted *by it? This is the first I’ve heard of it!

It’s likelier that they’re angry at all the hoop skirts Democrats are wearing these days, or at the fact that Democrats insist on conducting all their business in ancient Sumerian, or that most Democratic leaders eat only squids for lunch.

Why did Trump select a Bircher to his Cabinet?

Wait - there are still Birchers?

Birch, please!

But the Republicans like it? (hence the +1% gain among Republicans).

Pull the other one Okrahoma its got bells on it.

Spirit of bipartisanship?

This is totally cool. Okrahoma, please keep on keepin’ on.

We can bet on that. The worst things get for Trump, the more Okrahoma will try to portray Democrats as also having a bad time. Some of the next arrows in his quiver:

Nancy Pelosi isn’t even from SF, she’s a carpetbagger!
Senator Chris Coons got gum on his shoe – what’s wrong with him?
Ted Kennedy: he’s still dead
Bernie Sanders neighbors: he doesn’t keep up with his mowing!

Wait. How is that a negative for the Democrats?

It proves that he was not the Messiah!