Since Nov: (R) favorability stable. (D) drops

I call it “the anti-Trump hysterics effect”:

Republican Party Favorability: Nov: 39% Today: 39%
Democratic Party Favorability: Nov: 45% Today: 40%

That’s funny. The generic congressional ballot is D 49, R 38.

See? I can play, too.

What’s the debate?

Nice antidote Jonathan Chance. Other polls related to how bad Trump is falling are bound to be reflected on the Republicans. The people that are trusting the President less will also distrust the Republicans more if they continue to recklessly defend Trump.

I asked that question (or made a similar statement) when I reported the thread to the Keepers of the Hamster.

“Is Okrahoma Flailing Desperately To Distract From Trump’s Travails?”

The debate is, is there any Category 5 hurricane in which Okrahoma can’t find a silver lining that is bad for the Democrat Party?

I say no. What say you?

It’s simple. With Democrats salivating about Republicans’ perceived problems, why is Democratic Party favorability dropping while Republican Party’s is stable?

I pointed out in other threads that Democrats’ over-the-top anti-Trump hysterics are going to hurt them. This is one indication of it.

Because they haven’t impeached Trump yet?

Oh. That’s a possibility I suppose.

Serious question: did you actually read your cite?

Not really seeing the debate - this is sorta related to Elections. Moved from Great Debates to Elections.


Based on polling performed May 3-7. I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but a few things have happened recently.

“Today” is misleading. It says “The latest update on the party’s images is based on a May 3-7 Gallup poll”

That’s before Trump had 8 days of hell.

Perceived problems? That’s comedy gold right there.

Yes but ‘the anti-trump hysterics effect’ would imply that independents and republicans are developing a negative image of the democratic party. As Gallup discusses, the reason the democratic party has seen its approval drop is mostly because democrats are more likely to disapprove.

Democrats -6
Independents -3
Republicans +1

So democrats losing approval of the D party is a big part of it. Independents play a role. Ironically, republicans have a slightly higher opinion of the democratic party compared to Nov 2016 (15% now vs 14% last year).

As to why democrats disapprove of the party, I don’t know. I could offer some suggestions:

[li]Feeling like the dems aren’t able to unify the progressive and centrist wings to pass legislation or stop Trump[/li]
[li]Feeling the dems are too corporate[/li]
[li]Feeling the dems appoint politicians rather than letting the grassroots pick them, like the party apparatus has too much control and ignores the base too much[/li]
[li]Feeling the dems are bringing a knife to a gun fight in their dealings with the GOP. The dems refuse to fight dirty to deal with the GOP who fights dirty. [/li]
[li]Feeling dems can’t balance social issues with economic issues, they go too far in one direction or the other[/li][/ul]

Stuff like that probably plays a role.

This is too small a fluctuation to be significant. If support for one party rose or dropped more than 10%, that would be something, but things like the 5% you cite here are too small to be considered a meaningful change - (yet.)

I’d opine that, considering the unmitigated disasters the Trump admin & congress have been pushing so far (sneaking their health care dismantlement through like thieves in the night, conflicts of interests and nepotism out the wazoo, discussing intelligence reports at golf resorts to name but a few), what’s *really *disquieting about that poll is that Republican support hasn’t dropped an inch.

Because a lot of your fellow-countrymen are dumb.

Evidence: They elected Trump.

So if the Democrats in Congress took a stronger anti-Trump line, their approval would go up? Nice. And, ironically, the exact opposite of the conclusion drawn by the OP.

It is generally a bad idea to cherry pick one poll and assume that it has its finger on the pulse of the nation. However, in this case the OP may have a point. Looking at an aggregate of polls shows us that dems have gone from somewhere around -8 favorable minus unfavorable to -11 since Trump’s inauguration (link).

On the other hand, over the same period the Republican party has gone from around -14 to around -20 by the same metric (more better other link).

There may be something going on other than the “the anti-Trump hysterics effect.” Perhaps the “where’s my dad gummed swamp draining effect.”