What, if anything, would get Trump's approval to drop below 30%?

It was Nixon’s dropping to the mid 20s that got leaders in his party to finally jump ship. Party leaders will not lead but will follow. What is it, if anything, that Trump could be proven to have done that would get that very stable base to no longer approve of him, to the degree that he gets down into the 20s and GOP leaders follow off as it goes under?

Hypothetically. Anything? Is it true that he could murder someone on camera in the middle of 5th Avenue and still have their support? Would proof of knowing and personal collusion with Russia’s attempt to subvert the American democratic process be dismissed?

If he abandoned race-baiting, he’d lose the derplorables while still remaining too damaged to pick up significant support from decent sensible people.

Economic crash.


Primarily that, but also if he suddenly comes out *against *saving the babies and the guns.

With W Bush, his approval dropped below 30% when the economy collapsed.

The reason seems to be because his approval among republicans dropped to 60%. There really wasn’t much room for his approval to drop among democrats or independents, but republicans consistently gave him 80% approval ratings until the economic collapse.

An economic collapse would do it.

Otherwise, we’re looking at tribal political behavior that allows for a greater sense of support than might otherwise be justified.

Some sort of audio recording of Trump making fun of his own voters- saying what idiots they are, how they are the easiest marks he has ever fooled, etc. Even then, a lot of them would say it’s fake audio created by the Deep State anyway, but it might get his approval rating to at least the 20s.

An economic crash wouldn’t do it, because Trump and the entire GOP would just blame the Dems for it, and roughly half of voters would agree.


Not even an economic collapse. Anything Failing Donnie does that doesn’t work will be blamed on Hillary’s emails, Benghazi, Obama’s destruction of the United States, and the Deep State.

I agree. GDP growth was great in Q2, early estimates are looking good for Q3, and the stock market just jumped with news of a re-negotiated NAFTA deal. Oh, and Kavanaugh seems likely to be confirmed. I don’t see many Republicans jumping ship.

We’ve discussed this before. In this hypothetical, the best way to drop Trump’s support would be for him to come out in favor of liberal causes: support abortion rights, support single-payer healthcare, accept climate change and plan to fight it, speak in praise of Obama, etc. He would lose his solid base, and would be very unlikely to pick up any liberals/Democrats who hadn’t previously supported him.

I don’t think any amount of bad behavior will drop him lower.

If Trump comes out in favor of egalitarianism and multiculturalism, that could cost him some votes. If Trump starts acting like brown people, immigrants, muslims and women are equal to whites, native born Americans, christians and men that may cost him some support from his base.

But he also said we should have gun confiscation among potentially dangerous people, and that didn’t phase his base.

Indeed. Worse behavior would only cement his base even more. If he started doing decent things, his base would consider him a traitor.

No idea. The mindset of those who consistently approve of someone who is on record bragging about mistreating women and violating their consent, multiple times (the famous Access Hollywood tape as well as interviews like the one with Howard Stern), is so alien to me that I have no idea what could make them change their views.

At this point, I’m thinking he would need to personally shoot each person in his base in order to lower his ratings…

Ruth Bader Ginsberg retires and Trump nominates a liberal justice “to maintain ideological diversity” on the Supreme Court.

I can dream, can’t I?

He could rape a busload of nuns and 30% would go "FUCK YEAH."

When it’s revealed that he’s not rich. To his base, rich=smart=good leader.

He seems intent on destroying the Obama economy with his brainless trade schemes, so perhaps we’ll find out.

4.1% growth last quarter. I suppose that’s “destroying” the Obama economy in a way.