Trump Approval Hits 50%

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Not here on the Dope, though. Not yet anyway.

When you can back those numbers up by a couple of pollsters other than Rasmussen, then post. Otherwise the data is bullshit.

Consider the source. Sad.

Rasmussen has THE BEST polls.

Even more to the point, when you can show that Trumps approval ratings grew WITHOUT him repeatedly deserting his campaign pledges and shifting which side he’s on, then it would have meaning.

Is Donald Trump’s approval rating really 50 percent?

The strikes on Syria and Afghanistan might have made a difference in his approval rating. But if then there’s no good planned follow up, then I could see his approval rates plummeting again.

Given that Trump cares only about his popularity, it’s a little surprising that he has the least popular presidency on record. I would have expected more rah-rah bombings and assorted low-hanging demagoguery. But his people don’t seem to be even competent enough for that, as exemplified by their ill-fated list of immigrant criminals.

Considering he is already emptying the barrel of quick fix boosts a bit over 100 days in, this is gonna get ugly.

It is one data point.

Somebody liked Heil Honey, I’m Home as well.

There’s another data point for you.


I’m getting flashbacks to 2016 and the immediate SDMB rejection of any poll numbers that showed Trump doing well.

But this time, it’s different.


If 2016 made you believe in cherry picking polls, I’m afraid you’ve learned the wrong lessons.

It’s only 87 days in to his reign.

Trump’s days are biglier than most.

Do you really expect that to change? I mean even many of the few conservatives here who might be taking a little vicarious pleasure in liberal tears didn’t vote for the man. And even if you were to eventually convert every one of those “I’m a conservative, but Trump is a buffoon” voters into pro-Trump boosters, you still wouldn’t hit 50% on the SDMB. It’s a strongly left-leaning board and astorian’s recent musing in GD aside, I really don’t think the left will ever embrace Trump.

I mean, I’m pretty sure I won’t ;).

Rasmussen Trump Approval Index History since his inauguration.

On January 26, 2017 they had Trump at 59% approve 41% disapprove for a net of +18. Less than three months later they have him at 50/50 +0. The question we should be asking is why Trump is so much less popular than he was three months ago.

Meaningfully one can look at trends even in the outlier.

Rasmussen has had him mostly over 50%, peaking at 59% end of January, dropping 11 points in a period of March to start of April, hitting a low of 42%, now recovered 8 points.

Gallup didn’t exactly parallel but they saw his numbers dropping 10 points in that same March to early April period (from 45 to 35) and have seen him recover some too, 6 points. Net down-up within one point of each other, still lower than he was beginning of March but up from his lows.

For comparison Rasmussen had Obama at 55% approval on 4/17/2009. Gallup same date 62%.

So a 7 point Rasmussen GOP lean* compared to Gallup and the rest of the pack seems pretty standard and Trump has seen a move up 7ish points from his lows over the past 2ish weeks in either case.

Honestly I am a bit surprised he has not seen a bigger bump.

ETA: *or consider it a 7 point Democratic lean of everyone else compared to Rasmussen if you prefer.

I’ll point this difference out between Rasmussen and the rest of the pack. As far as I know they are the only ones applying a likely voter screen on their presidential approval poll. Every other poll is either registered voters or adults. It’s not really an apples to apples comparison.

Rasmussen says 50% of likely voters approve of the job Trump is doing while Gallup says 41% of adults approve of the job Trump is doing. It is possible that they are both perfectly accurate since they are not answering the same question.

They’re really great. You’re going to love 'em - I guarnatee it.