Since when are the Thing, Thor, and the Hulk especially good buddies? (FF 588 spoilers)

Open spoilers, because I’m so lazy.

I just thumbed through the putatively last issue of the Fantastic Four, in which …

the remaining members of the team mourn the death of Johnny Storm. (Yeah, like that was a surprise.) The first half of the book is without dialogue; it shows the family mounring both separately & together. In one seem, Don Blake & Bruce Banner visit with Ben Grimm in the desert; Banner offers Ben a hologram of Johnny, prompting some super-muscle-man acting out.

Since when are these three terribly close friends? It seemed…odd.

I liked the bit at the end when Spider-Man told Franklin about his uncle Ben dying, though. That was totally in character. Also Reed considering using the Ultimate Nullfier on Annihilus, especially as he clearly didn’t tell anyone.

Well, they’re all typically good-guys. Maybe they’re visiting out of general superhero comradery.

Johnny Storm is dead? Crap! How’d that happen?

No one in comics dies. The only question is how long until he is resurrected.

“Good Buddies.” Close is one thing, but “good buddy” close is something else.:eek:

Has the Fantastic Four really been around for 588 issues?

They’re all very strong. And the Thing and the Hulk are always beating each other up, for some reason. And Thor and the Hulk were both founding members of the Avengers (although the Hulk didn’t stay).

The first issue was November 1961.

If you want to see how seriously this death is regarded check out Wikipedia. It barely gets mentioned in the Human Torch article. It’s clear nobody believes this death is going to last.

Thor is an Avenger. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four have been on friendly terms for ages.

Bruce Banner and Reed Richards are academic colleagues. Depending on how Marvel has retconned things recently, they may or may not be old schoolmates.

You’re forgetting the traditional Ben Grimm Poker Game. He’s been running it for decades.

Superheroes are frequently secretly fond of each other.
What do you think that those spandex and tights are about?!

I’m going to try to remember to look up the Girl One funeral oration in Top Ten.

How can you fight crime if you don’t feel pretty?

This bit?

Amen. :smiley:

It’s also stupid for the characters to consider it a death. It was one of those trops - the escape portal’s closing- hero gets dog piled allowing his friends to escape- portal closes while friend screams NOOOOOOOOO!

There’s not even a body.

But yeah- It’s not weird at all for Thor, Hulk and the Thing to hang out.

If you had said Ghost Rider, Reed Richards and Rocket Raccoon… yeah… a little weird.

some one please spoil the events that led to his death - and use small words, I havent read the FF in 300 issues.

Big-ass cylinder of Halon[sup]TM[/sup] is my guess.

Oh well, you haven’t missed much of any importance, then. Reed and Sue’s son Franklin now has a little sister called Valeria, who’s super-intelligent, and there’s a gang of other weird and gifted kids and other assorted hangers-on living at the Baxter Building with them. I think that’s about it. :wink:

Anyway, to cut a long story short:

[spoiler]Reed’s off in space with Galactus, and Sue’s away taking care of business in Atlantis, leaving Ben and Johnny to mind the kids – who’ve temporarily turned Ben human. And it’s just then that an army of monster things breaks through the portal to the Negative Zone that Reed still has hanging around the place (because that was never going to be dangerous at all).

They manage to beat them all, but find that the Reed “smartest man alive” Richards has arranged it so the only way to seal the portal again is from the other side. And there’s a vast and unstoppable army of Annihilus’s creatures due to arrive within minutes.

I won’t tell you who chooses to heroically sacrifice himself to protect his family and everyone on Earth, because that would spoil it.

Oh, wait…[/spoiler]

wow - mmmm - okay -