Since when does Rush Limbaugh get to call Bonnie Rait and the Boss "drug addled"?

Just asking.

What sort of universe do we live in where a recent drug addict can seriously call musicians against Bush “drug addled” (of course, Republican celebrities and musicians are okay), especially when they include Springsteen and Bonnie Rait, a grandmother? Limbaugh is a paid entertainer. So are they. What the hell is with the Republican double-standard whereby only Democratic celebrities are verboten to speak in public about what they believe in?


I tend to agree in spirit, but what was the context of Dimbulb’s statement? Was this on his radio show, or in a print interview?

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t represent all Republicans.

See, you’re not supposed to remember that. After all, it happened, what, 6 months ago?

Apos, why do you hate America so much?

To be terribly fair, just because he was an addict doesn’t mean he can’t call others on doing drugs.

It just makes him look like a huge asshole, and everyone else look better.

How odd - Rush is usually so fair and impartial.

He better lay off Bonnie Raitt and be a real man. That’s simply not the way you treat a lady. She looks like a sugar mama, but there’s hell to pay when you’re guilty. She’s nobody’s girl. Rush is just looking for something to talk about. He’s a three time loser anyway.

I’m pretty sure Bonnie Raitt is clean and sober. If that’s the case why then Rush is nothing but a big fat liar!

Bullshit. As a prescription drug addict myself (59 days clean, thank you), I would never call someone “drug-addled”. After all I’ve gone through and all I’m going through now to stay clean, I know what it’s like. So to speak disparagingly about anyone else for the same thing is tacky and mean-spirited, to say the least. The fact that he has no proof that they even take drugs at all makes it all the more disgusting on his part.

He’s a fucking hypocrite and this doesn’t surprise me a bit.

monstro makes my head hurt like math.

Have a heart, andros! :smiley:

True, but let’s face it, everytime a Democratic celebrity opens their yaps, a Republican talking point starts floating around about how dare these know-nothing elitist celebrities try to preach to the American people. Or course, Toby Keith and Limbaugh are just your friendly neighborhood millionaires, you know, regular joes.

He doesn’t represent all Republicans in the same way that Bush doesn’t represent all Republicans. But him and his views, particularly this view, are definately a big part of the Republican mainstream line.

Isn’t Bruce Springsteen about the only famous rock musician who has always been drug free and against drugs? This is stupid, even for Rush.

So can’t we just call him a hypocrite and be done with it?

Well, I’m waiting for Apos to provide some content :slight_smile: (I can’t find anything on Google), but my suspision is he was not expressing a fellow sufferers concern over indivuduals actual drug use. Rather he was suggesting certain people’s opinions were just so ridiculous and stupid they could only be the product of drug use…the scary thing is he probably doesn’t even register the irony.

Doubtlessly this is a response to the “Vote for Change” concert tour, which is out to raise funds to toss Bush out of the White House come November.

I’m no Springsteen fan, but I think this is going to backfire on Limbaugh. I suspect that if people have to choose between Bruce and Rush, they’re gonna go with Bruce two times out of three.

I’m still waiting for a contextual quote or attribution.

So far, I’ll I’ve found is a comment from a couple of days ago:

Again, Apos, where did you hear this?

Since when does whether or not someone’s a grandmother affect whether or not they’re drug-addled?

I agree - a better or just smarter person wouldn’t ridicule someone like that.

Congrats on fighting the addiction, by the way.

… I must say, I’m surprised that his addiction hasn’t caused him to withdraw himself from the public. I guess he’s on a crusade.

Or he could just be an asshole. I wouldn’t rule that out. :wink: