I thought sinclair was taken off the market years ago. A recent websearch for vintage piccies turned up a whole ton of operating stations. Are these part of a bigger brand (Texaco/Sunoco/Bp, etc) or some independant stations from Ritchfield Oil?

History of the Sinclair Oil Corporation

Was surprised to see Sinclair stations in Montana. I like the green dinosaur symbol. None in CA.

In a slight hijack… I noticed a “Pure” Gas station here in GA. only one of them, and some distance away from Atlanta, and other big towns. You know, those old towns that seem to almost literily roll up the sidewalks at 9pm ?

I am sitting across from a tin Sinclair DINO Gasoline sign. My Dad used to own a Sinclair station.

While all his original memorabilia is gone, he has purchased some items from various places off the Web. I’d check his bookmarks, but we have a privacy understanding on our shared computer.

But when I was 5, I had a big green inflatable brontosaurus. :slight_smile:

To hijack the thread Why does everyone seem to have a certain fondness for this corporate logo.

As you approach Wall, South Dakota (home of Wall Drug, and the famous free ice water) from the east, there is a very large cement dinosaur, advertising the Sinclair station there. As a child, it was always the sign that we were getting close to the Black Hills, and the end of the car trip was near.

On a related note, I recall that when I would take trips related to high school activities that would take us more than a gas tank’s distance from the school, we would have to find a Sinclair station to fill up at, since our school’s gas purchasing card was a Sinclair card. This was in the early '90’s, so in South Dakota at least, Sinclair was still pretty common.