Singer Billy Preston dead at 59



What exactly is a “medical insult?” :confused:
A talented man. He will be missed.

Probably means a stroke.

A local college radio station played two songs that he sang with Ringo’s All-Starr Band this afternoon- I figured this was the reason. I mostly know him as the guy who played on Get Back, but - and here’s mixed praise - he was one of the highlights of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie.

I’d heard some very sad things about his family fighting during his last months, I hope that wasn’t true.

Well, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. I hope he’s enjoying outta space.

I would have gone with “Nothing from nothing, dust to dust.”
But you got there first.

I hope his 1991 arrest for sexual assualt on a 16 year old boy wasn’t true :frowning:

umm. . .cite please?

Here are some examples:

You’re sorrier than sarcoidosis in September


Better to use your orbicularis oris and be thought a fool then to use your pterygoids and remove all doubt.

You’re suffering from a condition known as impaired rectal cranial clearance.

Here you go. . .

He seemed to lead quite the life of crime. In addition to the above, in 1997 he was jailed for possessing cocaine while on probation for another drug arrest earlier that year. And the following year he was indicted on charges that he fraudulently collected over $1million in insurance claims after burning down his own house, and on charges of staging burglaries and car accidents going back to 1991.

Great musician, but not much of an decent citizen, it seems.

Cyrita (sp?) will be upset (if she hasn’t preceded him to the great karaoke lounge in the sky). Only thing I know about Billy P is that he did a duet with this lady.

And now his records will get a surge in sales, and he won’t profit a dime. Cruel world. Lennon must have been in a right spin (though he’d probably call it a revolution) these last 25 years.

Syreeta Wright, singer. I saw her as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar.