Single guy and a minivan

I think I just made a big faux pas as a single guy: I bought a minivan. :smack:

It seemed a good idea at a time. I like having a lot of headroom, and I have big stuff I want to transport often (recumbent bikes/trikes and telescopes). The Dodge Caravan handles so much better than a truck or full-size van, with better gas mileage. I didn’t think through the socio-economic factors though.

So how serious is the damage to my (potential) social life and is there any way to salvage it? Should I just pray that women will find me “safe” and approacheable?

Well…you could tell them that your ex-wife got the Jag in the divorce. :smiley:

When I was a senior in high school, I was sometimes allowed to borrow the family car. Which was, as you might imagine, a minivan. One time I was pulling into the parking lot with it and one of my friends said, “Hey, you’ve got a f**k truck!”

So there ya go.

Think of the room that you and your cat will have in your van.

(single guys and cats, but that’s a different thread)

As a follow-up to the OP, is having a station wagon and being a single guy better or worse than having a minivan? How about liking the wagon?

Hmm, maybe I’ll make a bumper sticker to that effect…

Maybe I can replace the tinted back windows with clear ones so it’s obvious I don’t even carry the rear seats. Then again maybe that won’t make any difference…

Perhaps the worst part is that I really like the Caravan. Great visibility and lots of space.

Yeaahhh… that’s it…“approachable”.

Tell me Mommy, how did you and Daddy first meet?

Well dear, one day I was cycling in the park, and I saw a sturdy young man loading his telescope and his recumbent bicycle into a minivan. I felt Cupid’s arrow pierce my heart and so using my feminine wiles I pretended my bicycle was having mechanical problems, and he came over to help. I offered to make him veggie lasagna for his efforts, and one year later you were born.

Cause if the lasagna?

Yes dear, it was the lasagna.

Put a bicycle rack on the roof, scatter National Park parking permits around the dash, and keep the beast covered in mud at all times. That way it will look like you at least go places and do things that…nope. You are still going to look like a poofter. :smiley:

Sad… truly sad… :smiley:
Get some mag wheels and a sticker that says, “If this van’s a-rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.”

Or… “Gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free.”


Maybe you could put a gun rack in there somewhere?

Or make it into a lowrider?

Or maybe you’ll get lucky and meet a woman who’s grown up enough to not care about what kind of vehicle you drive.

Make your van look like this Hot Wheel.

Get some magnetic signs you can stick on the sides that suggest it’s a work van. Just make up a company name.

Minivan might be unattractive. Small business owner making economic decisions might delay the scorn until your good points set in.

Or hang a pair of panties from the rear view mirror. Chicks dig that the most.

You’re making a big assumption there, that I actually have good points…

** scr4**, Im affraid I’m gonna have to revolke your man card.

Article 16 paragraph 2 in the rule book for men CLEARLY states:

*… Any man needing a vehicle to transport a large number of items, must buy a truck any man caught violating this rule will be subject to one year probation which will include having his right to stand-up and pee at the same time suspended. *

You sir are a disgrace! :smiley:

Hey, nothing wrong with a mini-van! I cut my driving teeth on my dad’s 1992 Voyager. I was driving that beast to college and was able to make $10,000 in a summer working as a courier with it!

Hell, I got my first blow job in my mini-van :smiley:

I think it’s a sign of a practical guy. Something many women might look at. I drive a “sport wagon” now and doubt I’ll ever go back to getting a small sedan.

What’s a minivan? Is it a type of motor vehicle? Is is small, cramped and really loud? What colour is it?

At least it wasn’t what I’ve seen before: gorgeous Corvette, well-cared for, spiffy paint job and detailing, high-end rims, the whole nine yards…

and a baby seat in the back.

Haven’t you ever seen that Toyota commercial?? The one where the guy is talking to the lady about how great his min-van is and then says something to the effect of “I hope someday to find a good woman to marry and have babies with” and the woman says something to the effect of “your single? where did you come from? are there more of you?”

Any woman who is looking for a relationship and finds a nice, decent, wonderful man and then finds out he drives a minvan and breaks up with said man…doesn’t deserve you! :smiley:

A minivan is smaller than a full-sized van (e.g., a conversion van), but it’s still plenty roomy. It’s not especially loud, unless it’s missing its muffler.

They come in all colors. It’s a type of car, not a make or model.

Here’s a picture of a Dodge Caravan minivan