Single-letter nicknames for teams

Well, not actually single letters, but rather pluralized single letters. There seem to be a few around. The Oakland A’s are probably refered to by that name more often than by the full name: Athletics. There’s also the O’s for the Orioles and M’s for the Mariners. Those are all I can think of.

Are there any others? Not just in baseball but in any sport?

ETA: the Jays don’t count.

The New York Giants are sometimes called the G-Men - not sure if that’s a cheat.

The 9ers. (SF 49ers)

I’ve seen/heard the NHL Boston Bruins occasionally referred to as “the B’s”, though in local media where the context makes it clear, and just as a quick shorthand when people are tired of saying “Bruins” for the umpteenth time in a broadcast or story; I’m even more sure the minor-league affiliate Providence Bruins are often called “the baby B’s”. Might have heard “The C’s” (if so, definitely local and in context), and definitely never “the P’s”, “the RS’s”, or “The R’s” for the other area major-league teams.

Golden State Warriors often referred to as the dubs, because that sounds better than the double youse.

I’ve heard The Cleveland Caveliers called the C’s before. I think a lot of that has to do with their logo.

University of Miami - The “U”

Do minor league teams count? We have the ECHL Komets, sometimes called the K’s.

Quite common out of media too. "Whatcha doing tonight? I got tickets to the B’s, Montreal’s in town.

The Philadelphia A’s may be the first professional sports team to have a single letter nickname: 1866 image from Harper’s Magazine.

Yeah, they count. I was going to mention the Ft Wayne Komets (K’s) but apparently never got around to posting it.