Sports team names--in the singular

When a team calls itself the Utah Jazz, or Shreveport Steamer (USFL), or L. A. Galaxy, how do you make that into a singular? It’s easy to say Dodger, or Yankee, or Ram, or Laker, or Oiler (Houston or Edmonton), but what would one player from the Utah, or Shreveport, or L. A. (soccer) teams be called?? :confused:

I swear, we already had a good thread on this not so long ago. Maybe it was more like a rant. I can’t remember enough details to know how to best look for it. I can remember expressing my concern over NC State, which has an opposite problem (only referred to in the plural). They’re the Wolfpack, so what’s an individual member of the team? A Wolf? You’d think so, but I don’t think they’re called that.

You could call a member of the LA Galaxy a star . . .

::ducks ensuing volley of organic matter::

I misinterpreted the title of this thread, so this may be a slight hijack, but…

I also think it’s weird when teams are named not for a noun (Cubs, Oilers, Colts) but for an abstract (Liberty, Heat). It just doesn’t seem right to me for some reason.

This is a complete and utter highjack, but it sorta has something to do with the OP and I just found it and its too hilarious to pass up.

I just came across a website for Butte High School in Idaho, and they had the unfortunate lack of foresight to pick as their mascot the Pirates. So, you guessed it, they’re the Butte Pirates. How stupid can you get?

Here’s there website, but the link above illuminates the travesty so much better.

I myself have always insisted on calling individual members of the Miami Hear, calories.

Heh Heh Heh, get it?

Also, there was a small group of old-timers here in Washington DC that used to refer to any individual member of the Washington Senators as a ‘crook’.