Single people over 30: would you be willing to marry without love?

Long story short, there’s many kinds of love. I think the mistake most people make is mixing up love and passion. Yes, I would marry without passion.

I knew a guy in the navy who married a girl he didn’t love. They actually had only known each other 2 weeks at the time. She needed health insurance though, and he got extra pay and permission to live off base, so win win all around. Oddly enough, 6 years later(last I saw them), they were happily married, had 2 kids and another baking, and had no regrets.

Other than financial reasons, no, I wouldn’t get married without love(not including a drunken fling in vegas, but who can predict those?). No point to it, and I’ve no need to conform to societal or family expectations.

That’s a lot of toast for a man who rides alone.

I can’t imagine marrying someone unless I actually want them around all the time, and I can’t imagine wanting someone around all the time unless I love the hell out of them, so probably not.


You can’t eat that much toast by yourself! (can you?)

Marry without love? I don’t think so.

No again. But I think they are 2 very different questions. According to that definition of marriage I’ve been married 3 times. I would consider myself on my first marriage and never got close to asking the previous 2 to marry me.

No. That’s a minimum requirement.

No. I would not have a loveless marriage - even if that meant a healthy respect and affection for one another that did not include that spark that comes and goes as relationships move forward.

I have married for love but I can say I that will never marry again ONLY for love. Best advice I ever got was to marry someone that you consider a best friend because you will fall in and out of love and you just have to hope that when the spark is gone you have a best friend to be your companion until it comes back around.

Nope. Frankly I’m not sure I would get married even with love. I’m pretty set in my ways and like having my own space. But who knows if the right guy came along…

I can if it is Caprica 6 and/or Boomer :smiley:

Oh, don’t take him out - just send him to me!

nope - aint getting married if I’m not in love with that person, and that person isn’t my best friend.

Did the loveless/deluded marriage thing. Why get bogged down with it now?

I equated the two for the purposes of this thread because that’s the typical view of pop culture.

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Maybe next year.

No. Unlike others, I’ve never found love (at 36).

I’m fine on my own.

Nope. I’m fine with being single. What would be the point otherwise, if there was no love?

Hell, at this point I’m figuring that I’ll probably never get married. Meh.

Love with sex. That was great. (We were young)

Sex without love. That was misery. (We had issues)

Love without sex. That was just fine. (She got sick)

No love, no sex. No problem.

I’m 45 and very ill. A friend of a friend offered to marry me so I could get health insurance. I seriously considered it, but finally decided there was too much risk marrying someone I barely know. If he had been a close friend, I would have done it.

Aside from that, I have no interest in getting married. I never did. My brother started calling me a spinster when I was in my twenties, and I thought that was hilarious.

No, what would be the point? That would suck.

I should also point out that I’m not sure I would marry again, even with love.

Before Mrs. R., I considered marrying a lesbian friend of mine so that she and her sons could get on my insurance (and also because it would have pissed off her husband, whom I despise).