Sins of a Solar Empire expansion

Anyone looking forward to this? It’s going to be a mini-expansion called Entrenchment (I think it comes out next month), one of 3 mini-expansions Stardock is planning (for around $10 IIRC) and will put in a bunch of new defensive structures and tactical units for those of us who like to play the turtle. I guess in PvP matches a lot of people are using a tactic that allows you to skirt around nodal planets or stars without engaging the defenses and get in the enemies rear territories and wreak havoc with their empires. These new structures and units I guess are designed to make this harder to do.

Just thought I’d ask if anyone else was following this and looking forward to it…mostly it seems the games I like aren’t too popular in these parts, but there may be a few mutants out there like me who actually enjoy this game. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to it!

I’ll definitely have to get that. I love Sins of a Solar Empire and love to turtle in games! It’s one place that could use an improvement

At the moment I just use overlapping repair bays, backing up as many hanger bays as possible. Very effective against pirates and delays the silly AI. Not very satisfying though.

I’m looking forward to the mine fields and moving my version of the Death Star into an enemy system and then fortifying behind it, or parking on around a star so that the enemy can’t attack me from that direction. Should open up a lot of defensive tactics.

Hope they are going to put some new ships in as well.


Me too. I stopped playing Sins a month or two ago to revisit Oblivion, but this expansion will get me back into it I’m sure.

Looks like it’s going to be gaming overload this holiday season!

We PC gamers got Far Cry 2, Dead Space, Wrath of the Lich King, Sins’s Expansion, Neverwinter nights 2 Expansion, Command and conquer Red Alert 3, Fallout 3, Legendary, Call of Duty world at war, Mirror’s Edge, GTA IV, Left for Dead, Tomb Raider Underworld, Prince of Persia, Ghost Busters, Battlefield Heroes and a ton of others. Not to mentions I haven’t had time to play World of Goo or Civ IV: Colonization, and I was looking forward to FIFA 09 until I heard we’re getting a gimped version.

Then very early next year (and in time for my birthday) we got: Empire: Total War, FEAR 2, and SIMS 3 (which I’m getting and I think even my grandma will be picking up).

The console crowd has it even harder I hear, given that they get some games that are popular with the console crowd not being ported to the PC.

It’s good to be a gamer.

It is good right now. I’ve got Warhammer rolling, looking forward to Sins and Fallout 3, and early next year there will be the new Total War: Empire as you said (I’ll be starting a thread on that one too once it hits the streets…there are a couple of 'dopers who play and we’ve even gotten some PBEM games going).

This is the mini-expansion I’m really interested in…the next one seems to deal with making the diplomatic system more robust. I admit…I’m not big on game diplomacy. I’m more along the lines of ‘leave me alone long enough to build and overwhelming fleet…THEN we’ll talk!’.


War Hammer! I almost forgot. I got that on my xmas list as well too, and I might even consider going back to Conan Hyborian Age if they do something with the high level content by next year.

Having a lot of fun with Warhammer so far…got into a decent guild, and the game is all about guilds. I definitely am enjoying this one a lot more that I did WoW, which I got rather burned out on.

I’ll probably be setting Warhammer aside for a bit once this Sins mini-expansion rolls out…as I will when Fallout 3 hits the shelves.


I’m mostly playing Warhammer atm too. I haven’t had as much fun since my Ultima Online days and I’m not even in a guild yet.

Before that I was playing Sins, Oblivion, Mass Effect, The Witcher. Today I bought Colonization and X3:Terran Conflict. I certainly need to make room for when Fallout 3 comes out too.

I haven’t had it this good in a long time.

How is X3 terran conflict?

I tried X3: reunion a long ways back and found it incredibly difficult to get into. It took me an hour to figure out how to make my ship go, nevermind how to fight.

Is this an expansion? What are the major differences?

I just realized that might be hijacking this thread, so if you could point me to a website or something I’d appreciate it.

Long live Sins!

I don’t think there’s anything radically different in X3:TC, just like there wasn’t much between X2 and X3. Just general improvements to AI, UI, Missions and hopefully a better economy model. I think some of the big X3 mod makers worked with the game developers to integrate their ideas into the core game. You do get to play as a Terran now though. I loved X3 and I’m sure I’ll like X3:TC… When I find time to play it that is. It’s a huge timesink.