Sins of a Solar Empire - worth it?

I haven’t played any of these. They’re basically on my “want to play at some point”.

But Sins of a Solar Empire came out back in 2008. If I was to hit Steam and pick it up, should I get the original, Rebellion or the new one…Trinity I think?

I know a bunch of dopers are big into strategy games so I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

I’ve only played the core game and not the expansions (which are what Rebellion and Trinity are) and I’d say… not really. I found it rather grind-y, by which I mean it was neither fast nor immersive enough to really be much fun to play.

I think so, if you like the genre.

Trinity includes the base game, plus the expansion packs “Diplomacy” and “Entrenchment” (“Rebellion” is too new.), plus, I assume, all the relevent patches.

Steam has a sale going on.

Genre: Pausable real time, harvesting resources and using that to build new units and research new tech.

The Tech trees are not huge, compared to other space based 4X games.

I’ve had a ton of fun with it.

Get the Rebellion version, specially if it’s on sale. It has all of the features of the core game + expansions with additional new factions and improvements to elements present in the core/expansions.

It’s a real time 4x game with more of a focus on combat than most other 4x games.

There are lots of tactical options in terms of warfare, from various ship designs, to star bases to planetary defenses, and while there are lots of non-combat related research and diplomatic options, these facets don’t have anywhere near the depth of say a civ.

I love sneaking through enemy defenses, warping in a huge fleet of ships through enemy lines and laying an enemy planet to waste before the enemy can respond.

On larger maps a huge empire can get a bit tedious to manage though.

I’m torn. I’ve run through CK2 and my EU3 run is more than done. If it’s a decent deal I guess there’s not much to lose in checking it out. Thanks.

I really enjoy it. Fending off pirates, bombing planets, engaging in HUGE fighter scraps, etc. Every now and then I’ll fire it up again.

If you like your strategy games to take a while, then its pretty good. A game on one of the bigger maps can take several days to complete.

It does get a bit samey after a while, but if you see it for a decent price on steam, it is probably worth a go. I’ll probably give the sequel a play, but only when I see it for about 75% off.

Well I grabbed Trinity for $5. Which is good since I’m struggling with the early game and my build out.

IMHO it’s a great game. Grab the Distant Stars mod for it if you aren’t playing Rebellion as it really enhances the game a lot.

I like it, its sorta like what Master of Orion 3 should have been. I enjoy both the building up of the worlds and my fleet. However, I didn’t play it much (other games got in the way) and never got that good at it. I never played in a match with more than a dozen planets. I think it is quite well designed though, and it lets a newbie get into it without being so technical as to require you to pour through manuals and walkthroughs.