Sint Maarten/Saint Martin reccomendations/suggestions

My gf and I spent a week in St Martin last January. My only complaint was that the time flew by so quickly. So, this year we are going for two weeks :D.

We leave in 16 days. Last year we had a routine. Each morning I would make coffee and a plate of fruit and baguettes/croissants that we would enjoy on the deck. By 9 am we would be on our way to a beach. We would have drinks from the beach bar. At some point we would head home, stopping on the way to do any necessary shopping.

In the evening we would “experience fine dining” :smiley:

We also did some hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. We went to a street fair (forget the town) and to the market in (forget the town again). This year there will be a full moon at some point during our stay, so we will be going to the Friar’s Bay Beach Bar’s all nite full moon party!!!

I am perfectly happy with more of the same, but would like any recommendations you might have. Thanks!!

I was there almost 20 years ago, so won’t be much help. However, there were several companies offering catamaran rides to a neighboring island (I forgot which one). We did that one day, which was a lot of fun. Well, for me it was. All the Heiniken I could drink, and I was the only one on the boat not getting sea-sick!

The snorkel trip we did was by catamaran and included an island. We also checked out the butterfly farm and spent some time at Orient Beach (the nude beach).

From our deck the view was incredible. Then, on our third day, an island miraculously appeared! It was Saba, which is 30 miles out and requires extremely clear conditions to be visible. My gf had seen it on her last visit. When I awoke on day 3 to a suddenly appearing island, where one never was seen, I was shocked!

Ooh lucky you! If you haven’t already, check out Trip Advisor – lots of recommendations, reviews, and real photos (vs. those supplied by hotels and tour operators).

hehe. I was looking at the site last week, in fact. Most of the places mentioned (Loterie Farm, Pinel island) were places we checked out last year. Some of the places (like the casinos) we would have no interest in.

The other cool thing we did was pick up hitch hikers. Although we do not normally do that in the US, it seemed safe there. And we enjoyed meeting people that way. One boy we picked up joined us (at our invitation) for lunch. Another guy we picked up invited us to a party, but it was on the day after we left, or we might have gone.

whatever you do, don’t go there on election day. I was there for one day that just happened to be election day on one side of the island, no drinking allowed, had to walk over to the other side of the island for a drink. Roughest 1.2 miles of my life.

hehe. I’ll keep that in mind. But, with liquor sold (cheaply) in grocery stores, we stocked our room on day one! Last year we hiked to the top of the mountain at Loterie. That was tough. But the view was well worth it. :cool:

You know what’s fun?


Actually, this one is even better. Wow.

Yep, last time we spent an afternoon watching planes land and take off. There is a bar there (isn’t there a bar everywhere?) that has some Pittsburgh Steeler memorabilia hanging. And we bet on hermit crab races. Bamboo Bernies Sushi Restaurant is nearby also.