Sir Patrick Stewart sings the cowboy classics

If you need a laugh today, here you go…a promo video that Stewart made to support of the International Rescue Committee.

P Stew’s Cowboy Classics

I’m really getting tired of foreigners appropriating our culture.

He does have a good country voice though. I’d love to hear him sing that great country classic Urban Struggle by the Vandals.

He’s got a hell of a baritone. It’s a shame that the album/s being advertised don’t actually exist, because now I need the Patrick Stewart/Taylor Swift duet in my life.

Love it but… did he actually sing “keep them doggies rolling” in the first clip? Isn’t that supposed to be “dogies”, with a long “o”?

Well, here’s the original to compare. It sounds like the same way I’d say “doggies” there.

There appears to actually be a 5-song sampler that you can buy from cdbaby if you visit the web site on the supposed ad at the end of the video:

Click “Purchase Sampler” at the bottom of the screen. I might do so; I’ve certainly heard a lot worse.

Gloriously country-fried silliness. And his wife has a good voice, too!

Ooh, it’s available on 8-track!

A starship captain singing? Whoever heard of such a thing?

William Shatner sings Rocket Man (for certain values of “singing.”)

PStew and Shatner need to put out an album of duets.

You know, I’ll bet Shatner would be up for that and I think Stewart would be too. They both seem to enjoy projects where they can ham it up and make fun of themselves.

Can we get this guy in on the act, too?

I can’t believe he made a mockery out of “Ghost Rider In The Sky”. I’ll stick with the original bilingual pop song by Tom Jones and Raphael, thanks.

Son of a gun! That was actually…plausible! He’s got the voice to make it work!

(Sigh… I followed the link: server not available.)

But he should be singing “keep them doggies rollin” so that it rhymes with “though the streams are swollen.”

“Songs from the Western Half of the Alpha Sector.”


Make it a trio.