Sir Rhosis, thank you for making my day!

It started off as any other normal day (get up, shower, dress and still run hours late for uni). Then a knock at the door changed all that.[sub]Please excuse these petty theatrics, I’m just really excited.[/sub]
My white elephant package had arrived! I looked at the box with some suspicion. It had taken 1½ months to get here (posted on the 24th September)! I could barely contain my excitement as I carefully tried to unwrap the package. That failed so I got out a knife and cut it open and all the goodies spilled on to my kitchen bench.
So thank you to Sir Rhosis/David for the following items:
[li]2 yokes for a steering coloumn (A BMW & an Econoline Van)[/li][li]A water pistol (we’re coming into summer now. Very useful!)[/li][li]A very fetching tie ;)[/li][li]Christmas ornaments (:D)[/li][li]Baseball cards[/li][li]$1.38 in American coins (you do realise that this is worth close to $200,000 Australia Dollars :)[/li][li]A magazine, Kentucky Living (in case I ever decide to pack up and move to KY).[/li][li]A newspaper (The Falmouth Outlook from 19 September, always good to keep abreast of current developments in the world.)[/li][li]lots of other stuff (a china horse, a picture of a windmill, Time Travel Guide (good name), stickers, travel chinese checkers, a portale lip balm and carrier, numerous books, suction cups, etc.)[/li][/ul]

Thanks a lot, David, you really made my day/week/month. But I still can’t believe how long it took!

It’s a big ocean, I can’t believe it got there that fast. Did he send it airmail? That would cost a fortune.

Sir Rhosis made my day once by sending me a nice little e-mail. He seems quite an exemplary fellow!


Quite alright, my pleasure. You wanna hear the god’s honest truth. . . ?

I had become quite convinced that I had taken the ingredients of the White Elephant too literally, to wit: crap from around the house. I had seen numerous listings posted wherein nice folks had sent CDs, books, etc., seemingly worth quit a bit, and in my opinion, not strictly “junk.”

Therefore I had begun thinking that perhaps you had received my package, was underwhelmed, and had declined to post lest your disappointment clearly show. I’m glad I was wrong.

A month and a half does seem an inordinately long time even for US/Australia transit, even under the present circumstances.

I did forget to enclose a copy of “Golden Throats,” wherein Shatner, Nimoy, Eddie Albert, etc. sing the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and so on. Perhaps I did you a favor by the inadvertant ommission.


Most kind, in fact, far too kind, but thank you.

Sir Rhosis/Dave

After I got out of the mental hospital I don’t think I would have ever posted again, let alone thank you.