Sirius XM buying Pandora

I have Sirius in the car and pay $5 a month for it but I won’t pay more than that. I wonder if this would make Sirius include Pandora for free.

How do you get Sirius for $5 a month??? I pay a lot more than that! I want your deal.

Let your subscription run out, and you’ll start seeing deals for six months for $30 (plus a few fees/taxes/etc) show up in your email. We subscribe, but I would never pay more than that. Last December they had a 12-month for $60 deal, but I haven’t seen that since. I’m hoping they do that again this year, as our current 6-month subscription runs out in December.

They are willing to deal, just keep telling them it’s too expensive. I had it free for 3 months with my new car, then when they called me and I was wishy-washy about it, they gave me another 3 months for something dumb like $1, now I got another 6 months for $30 ($38 after fees and such.) Still not bad for a lot of channels of commercial-free music and even stand-up comedy.

The tricky thing about the deals is it will auto-renew at full price unless you cancel, so I just set myself a Google Calendar reminder to email and message me when it’s about to expire. When you call to cancel is when you can re-negotiate. I’m only going to have so much patience for this, but if I stay on the phone ~10 minutes every 6 months that isn’t too bad.