Sirius/XM Radio and Chapter 11. What will this (eventually) do to the consumer?

Sirius XM Radio may file for bankruptcy
I know the short term is some restructuring and a new owner, right?

What about in a year or so?

What if the company just can’t make a go of it? What happens to the equipment people spent good money on? Worthless bricks? Paperweights?

What about contracts?
Is this a luxury that’s destined to become no more due to the economy?

Great. I just bought a 3 year subscription. Agh!

My subscription is prepaid till Oct 09. I told them i would not be renewing because they got rid of he system channel and replaced it with a big stinking pile. When you re-jigger your whole line up and make poor decisions about channel selection you’re running your business into the ground.

I think there’s a big subscriber base but Cap 11 will allow it to destroy the existing contracts and come up with something more workable.

Whoa, that doesn’t sound good at all. Is the economy completely to blame, or is this a failure resulting from their “no ads” business model?

On the plus side, I didn’t realize Clear Channel was in that much trouble. That’s what you get for replacing the best classic rock station in the area with country. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end, it’ll likely be something similar to what happened with the dot-com bubble burst in telecommunications.

Lots of lines were laid, which took a lot of money to do. The companies then crashed, and other companies bought the infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. They can now turn a profit on the lower cost (to them) lines. The original company that laid the lines went broke, as the up front costs were never paid back on their revenue realizations.

I’ve still got two left on mine. God, I hate terrestrial radio now. I hope I don’t lose my satellite music.

Nix panicus. The equipment is there, and it’s unlikely someone will come along and steal it. Sirius/XM goes tits-up, and someone else with a better business model gets rich on the pickings. butler1850 hit it most solidly. EchoStar will move in, buy up the remains, fire Stern (can’t happen soon enough!) and roll out a new, leaner, meaner XM by year’s end.