Sisters movie with Fey/Poehler

This movie was pretty dumb. It was mostly about a party they were throwing in their parents house because their parents were getting ready to sell the house and move to a condo. As you might expect, the house got trashed. Only a few funny scenes. Best part is Tina Fey looked very good in her mini skirt.

Probably best to wait for Netflix or the $2 theater for this one.

Definitly not Train Wreck!

But fun for the cast…

I enjoyed it because I love Tina and Amy, but if it were anyone else I’m not sure I would have thought it was as much fun. I don’t think Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock would have pulled it off. If, say, Will Ferrell or Seth Rogen and one of their buddies were the title siblings, I wouldn’t even have gone, and might have hated it.