Sit. Stay safe! Safety products for dogs by Doper JcWoman

Rolling into 2019 I’m continuing my re-branding of my online shop. I sell only high quality safety products for dogs, and can ship pretty much anywhere. Here is an example of my offerings:

[li]Sleepypod car restraint systems - the ONLY dog “seat belts” that passed crash tests based on the 30mph child safety standards[/li][li]Rechargeable lighted collars, leashes and harnesses for walking at night. Also good if you live in the country and let your black doggo roam your property and can’t ever see where he is in the dark![/li][li]Reflective jackets also for night-time visibility (coming in January 2019)[/li][li]Basket muzzles (NOT used for punishment - they’re protective gear, like hockey masks for dogs)[/li][li]escape-resistant and escape-proof harnesses for dogs that are prone to bolting[/li][li]“rescue me” garden signs and window stickers for emergency services[/li][li]water safety items like pool steps, boat ladder for dogs, and high quality life jackets[/li][li]puplights - “headlights” for your dog[/li][/ul]

and more!

Here’s the link:

You have a great website by the way. May be you should also consider selling dog training courses in future, I’d be glad to learn from you. Cheers.


I’m busy enough with the shop, however I have been tossing around the idea of partnering with a few local dog trainers. It won’t be until I’ve grown enough to be able to afford a physical shop space. But so many of my products do require you to train your dog to tolerate the item (muzzles, car harnesses, etc.) so working with trainers is a natural fit.

With a fresh new board, I think it’s time to update my Marketplace thread also. My shop is still going strong and I hope any of you who have doggos will take a look. I have some new products:

I’ve also added some generally helpful stuff to the shop, like product comparison charts, a product chooser quiz and restocking status.