Sitcoms you have an inexplicable love for...

My first nominee is Parks and Rec. I am so in love with the Ron Swanson character that I’ve even had some naughty dreams about him. However, I do not agree with him politically AT ALL. I just find him all kinds of hot and the rest of the cast is outstanding. I will admit that it has not been as good since the Rob Lowe and Rasheeda (sp?) Jones characters have left but it still makes me laugh.

The other one that I will miss is Raising Hope. I thought it was quite clever and loved all the characters. It, too, kind of lost its step with the last few episodes (of the series) but I still think it was above average.

I’m sure I’ll think of more…but I came in to post Parks and Rec, primarily.

No one loves me. Heavy sigh.

Ron Swanson is awesome. He balances out Tom nicely, who I find incredibly shrill and annoying.

I love “Raising Hope” and am glad they ended it before she grew up to be a sassy little smart-ass, because that seems to be the norm for characters like that (see Lily on “Modern Family”).

The sitcom I have an inexplicable love for is an oldie, “Green Acres”. I just love the surrealness of it all, which most people just don’t seem to get or appreciate. I’ve always thought that the G.A. writers must have had some really good drugs.

I gotta nominate Frasier, and I don’t know why. In 11 seasons, some 264 episodes, there are no more than about a dozen-fifteen different plots, and they invariably work out the same way in in each instance. Maybe the show is about insanity in the sense of “doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” The plots tend to be about hanging character-driven wit on a framework, and some of the best eps are near Neil Simon quality. But in the end, it’s around 20 or more helpings of the same 13 or so plots and… I dunno. Comfortable?

I’ve gotten an unhealthy obsession lately with 2 Broke Girls. I’ll admit, I was initially drawn to it due to Kat Denning’s um, attributes (which are SPECTACULAR) but I enjoy the interaction between her and Beth Behrs (who also isn’t hard to look at). Funny AND hot.

After midnight, nobody loves you.

I really liked Wings and Rules of Engagement. Neither was great, but both were quite serviceable ways to spend 30 minutes.

when you can quote lines from shows 15 20 years later you know it was a great show… or still refer to the actor as the character from the show.

wings… Las Cruzes…this isn’t my fathers watch…

…unless you let it all hang down.

Mad about you had a certain level of reality to it, but I’ve never seen reruns, ever.

Usually, I can’t watch a comedy more than once. Because of my memory, the jokes are never funny a second time.

I compulsively watch Everybody Loves Raymond even though I’ve seen every episode a dozen times or more. I watch Golden Girls, Hot In Cleveland, and am just getting into King of Queens. Sometimes these shows will make me laugh, and lately thats the only laugh I get all week.

I love Frasier and Roseanne, and yet I’m resistant to getting pulled in again. I don’t know why.

Interesting. I can watch good comedy over and over - with suitable intervals in between - but hard drama like Sopranos, Wire, Shield etc. are very much watch-once. We’ve tried to rewatch things like Mad Men, most often to catch up and refresh before a new season, and it’s just intolerably dull the second time through.

Same with me. Funny is always funny. Drama just gets boring.

Hot In Cleveland love isn’t inexplicable. That show is just packed with talent, and they aren’t afraid to use the assets of the cast to their best advantage.

Yep, same for me for dramas. It’s not dramatic if you can remember what happens next. The exception for me is Law and Order: SVU. The acting is so unbelievably good that I can watch the same episodes over and over again. I never thought there could be such a thing as genius level blocking.

Yeah? Never would have guessed. I will check it out solely on your recommendation silenus…no pressure!

I don’t think Parks and Rec or Raising Hope are inexplicable. Amy Poehler and Greg Garcia are both extremely versed in comedy and television and they pulled in great teams that work very well together in very different ways but the end results are generally well-crafted and enjoyable.

The Big Bang Theory is so formulaic —and so uneven — that I am sometimes surprised I like it as well as I do. But I do like it. I think it’s the performances I enjoy: I’ve been a Johnny Galecki fan since he was on Roseanne, I think Jim Parsons does a great job as Sheldon and I think Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) is that ensemble’s secret weapon, a woman who is capable of being much funnier than she’s often given the chance to be.

Parks and Recreation is a great show, nothing inexplicable about that!
“There’s been a mistake. You’ve accidentally given me the food that my food eats.”
“Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Wait, wait. I’m worried what you just heard was, ‘Give me a lot of bacon and eggs.’ What I said was, ‘Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.’ Do you understand?” - Ron Swanson
What a great character!

I think everyone on Parks and Rec has strayed a little too far into caricature territory this season (Andy’s man-child routine is particularly annoying) but I still enjoy the show.

The one I like a lot that no one else seems to care for is Suburgatory-- just enough absurdity to make it really hilarious to me. I suspect it won’t make it to another season :frowning:

I’m waiting for Alex (Ariel Winter) on Modern Family to come of age so I don’t feel like such a perv.

What I like most about the show is that Caroline isn’t your typical sitcom spoiled heiress (the greatest of which is Julie Duffy’s character from Newhart). She’s intelligent, willing to work hard, and understands and accepts (mostly) that she can’t live the lifestyle she was accustomed to.