Site is no longer formatted for mobile, screen width is way too wide

WTF happened to the Sam’s Simple Theme on mobile? I am viewing the board on my iPhone and starting this morning the site is no long formatted for the vertical size of a phone screen. Thread titles are all on one line with the text disappearing off the right side of the phone instead of formatting themselves and wrapping on several lines. The “last posted” time indicator is about two phone widths to the right that I have to scroll over to view.

This site is now completely unusable on my iPhone.

This must be a bug and not a new Discourse update right? You’re going to lose all iPhone viewers if it is.

I’m on Android and having a similar WTF moment.

Same, also on an Android phone. Please fix?

Confirming problem with multiple browsers on my iPhone.

Not having a problem here on iOS Safari, though.

I have it on safari, but the problem is only on the main page and the sub forums (P&E, Cafe Society, etc.)

Once you get into a topic it is formatted correctly

No it’s not. The thread title is still super wide even in a thread causing there to be a ton of scrollable white space on the right.

I noticed the problem this morning. I thought it was just me.

Discourse on the SDMB was apparently updated about 2 hours ago.

Just a note: using Discourse Classic in Chrome on my Samsung Phone it looks fine. So that should be an option until they get this fixed.

Can someone remind me where to change themes? I thought it was in my preferences.

Once down to Preferences, click on Interface. Should be the last choice.

New Macro Test

  • Click on your Avatar next to the Menu. (Upper Right Corner)
  • Select Preferences (The last symbol on the right)
  • Select Preferences again (The gear symbol)
  • Click on Interface. (Should be the last choice.)

Yup - just found it. I had to scroll all the way over because, you know, the theme interface was all messed up… :joy:

Dark Theme has similar issues, but looks fine in a topic. Main page is stupid wide (on android, Brave browser).

It looks fine in a topic but it’s still stupid wide, just with whitespace.

The Straight Dope Light theme on my device (iPhone 13 Pro Max with Safari) is having problems this morning. I switched it to Discourse Classic, and it’s now formatted properly, but looks awful. Posts in a thread are in tiny boxes spaced far apart, and thread titles are in light blue font on a white background (among other clunkiness). I really wish my prior theme was working. :frowning:

Yes, this is the issue Straight Dope Light has. It looks okay when you’re actually in a thread. It’s everything else that’s formatted too wide.

I tried Discourse Classic but switched back. It was too different.

I don’t even know what theme I’m in and since it is working fine I am not going to futz about with it lest I break something, but one thing I just noticed is that, in forum view, word-wrapped long thread titles show a grey band on the side indicating so. Never bothered to look for that before.

Same issues with dark theme, iOS, Safari

I passed this up to Ed and hopefully he can get a tech looking at it.

I was surprised it wasn’t a more universal issue and already resolved.
I should have passed it up earlier.