Site with tones for tuning a 12 string

I tune by ear pretty well, but sometimes I have a hard time getting my 12 string just right.

I used to have a link to a site that had the actual tones for each string, but I can’t find it anymore. It had a picture of a headstock and when you clicked on a tuning peg it player the tone of that string. I found it really helpful.

Any of you know of this site or a similar one?

There’s the 6 guitar notes here.. That should be enough to tune your 12-string.

Tune the bigger strings on the E, A, D, and G strings to these notes. Tune their corresponding pairs an octave up (it’s much easier to do this by playing the guitar than trying to match to an audio sample). The final two strings, B and E, are tuned in unison with their pairs.

Cool that will work. Thanks!

But if anyone comes across a 12 string one, please still post it.

Scroll down.

But it seriously should be easier to tune a string to its pair than to an audio file. You can’t miss the beats an octave or unison makes on a guitar when it’s slightly out of tune to itself.