sittin' down!!!

Laugh … laugh all you want to… I am laughing at myself because of what I am about to post…

I am a man, and I have taken to sitting down on the commode to pee, beginning today. (as opposed to whippin it out and standing over the commode)

Why? I spent four excruciating hours, today, scrubbing every surface in my bathroom to a sparkling clean, including the commode. I don’t want to have to clean that damn commode up any time too soon, again! :eek::mad:

:::looks at self in mirror, points at reflection::: :wally laughs :smiley:

I’ma guy and I almost always pee sitting down.

Welcome to the club. I sit down. It relaxes me.

I’m just wondering why it took 4 hours to clean a bathroom…

I’m just wondering how his aim can be that bad. Every surface in the bathroom?

Wife of a habitual pee-sitter posting here. Other benefit: No arguments over how the toilet seat has been left (up or down).

My son, however, who is potty-training? He wants to stand. Now that makes a mess because he has no aim (doesn’t even use hands for the task yet).

See why I love the SD? I’m always learning.
It had never even occured to me that men would pee sitting down.


LOL I knew this response was inevitable. :wally

quote]I’m just wondering why it took 4 hours to clean a bathroom…

All levity aside, I had to scrub the walls down very thoroughly because I hope to paint soon.

well, if cats can do it…


Now if I could only train my guys to do that! At least once a day, a scream rings out from the bathroom, followed by the sound of a yard of T.P. being pulled of the roll–“Who peed on the seat!!!”
Even the arguement that it costs twice as much in paper if I have to wipe first doesn’t convince 'em. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than staggering out at 2:00am, only to sit in a puddle!:eek:
You’d think a forty-seven year old and a couple of teenagers would be at least toilet trained, but nope, not around here!

My mother, and granrmother never complained about the seat, but my sister would raise the dead with her howls of “Put the fucking seat down when you are done, assholes”. So I started to sit, my dad and brother started to use the other bathroom.