Sittin' In On Da Skins!

Someone must be reading my posts, because a couple of nights ago, I wrote about how much I miss being in a band.

This morning I got a call from a guy who goes to D’s church, asking if I’d like to come and sit in on a practice, because the regular guy got sick and couldn’t make it?

I was on that offer like stink on shit, man!:slight_smile:

Didn’t have to bring my set, but asked to bring my own cymbals, (Paiste 14" Sound Edge hats, 18" Zildjian crash/ride, 20" Z. medium ride and another 16" Zildjian crash) and of course I took my own sticks (Vic Firth 8 DN’s). The cymbals on the set were decent (all Paistes), but I’m just used to my own. Luckily the guy had enough stands, both normal and booms.

Fortunately the group plays mainstream rock’n roll (they play at local VFW’s and AmVets clubs) and Country & Western (The 60’s/70’s style). So, Creedence, Stones, slow Beatles, LOTS of Skynyrd, Cash, Jones, Kristofferson and Haggard, and my favorite Hatchet, “Flirtin’ With Disaster”!

I tried to re-set the guy’s drums before I left, but he’s going to have to get his snare stand back to center, because that’s one I forgot. I tilt mine, Krupa style because I likes me some rim-shots every now and then.:slight_smile: My mounted toms point outward at the bottom more than normal and I tilt the 16" side tom towards me, to make the fills smoother.

The bass guy stared at me when I hung my trusty dog-tag style chain on the medium ride (That’s what we used to do back in the day when we couldn’t afford rivets), but they all loved the continuous sizzle.

So. Long story short - a good time was had by me and I was invited back and maybe even to sit in if Mr. Regular can’t make it some nights.

Maybe he’s got a wife, who doesn’t like him being in a band and is jealous or something.:slight_smile:

During our first marriage, D always went along and danced with the older guys to our music, so she was kind of a “catalyst” for us to be asked back.

What a great Saturday afternoon! If only for a couple of hours…:slight_smile:



Sounds like a blast. Would be great if they wanted you to be a regular sub =)